Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Totally Free Tuesday!

Excuse me while I brag a bit about my thriftiness. Because I am a SAHM, I'm always on the look-out for free things to do with the girls and such, to help stretch Ben's paychecks. Well, awhile ago, I signed the girls up for the birthday clubs at Sonic Drive In and Baskin Robbins. This was back in the spring, so I totally forgot about it. Imagine my surprise, as I'm weeding out the junk mail in my Yahoo inbox, when I find coupons from Sonic for free kid's meals for both girls and free kid's cones from Baskin Robbins. We had some errands to run anyway, so I added them to the list and off we went. The girls got their corn dog wacky pack meals while I got a strawberry limeade & chicken wrap at Sonic for the grand total of...$5! Next, it was down the street to Baskin Robbins where Caitlin enjoyed a scoop of rainbow sherbet in a cone and Cara and I split a scoop of Nutty Coconut. OMGosh, this flavor is the bomb! It totally screams summer to me! Nothing says retreat on a 96 degree day than ice cream.

We came home and then I found a post in a Deals & Steals group I belong to about BOGO coupons for Dairy Queen! Of course, we have signed up. Free food is a wonderful thing!


Lyla said...

I used to be in the Baskin Robbins birthday club. My brother and I loved Daqueri Ice.

Mary said...

What a deal!! Love those birthday specials. The ice cream sounds sooo good - however the strawberry limeade drink is one of my favorites.

My granddaughter introduced me to this drink and it is so yummy. Now whenever my granddaughter comes over we make sure there is enough for granddaughter and grandmother.


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