Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sisters of Summer

It seems that summer is finally here to stay in our neck of the woods, after weeks of cooler than average and severe weather. We had our first completely sunny day yesterday and you know that we took advantage of it! Here are some pictures from our day at the local sprayground & park. Yesterday was a day of firsts for both of the girls. Cara, for the first time, independently played in the water, though she wasn't found of getting too wet; Caitlin crossed the monkey bars on her own and has learned how to "pump" a swing. I have a feeling that this is going to one fun-filled and amazing summer! Bring it on!

Our weekend in pictures

Enjoy these pictures from our day up at Rocky Mountain National Park for Father's Day. We had been wanting to go to the park for some time but never have, so with it being a holiday weekend and free enterance, we took advantage. We headed up the Grand Lake side of the park, stopped to take in some pretty sights on the way up and then partook in a picnic once we were in the park. Overall, we had a great time but we will have to go back soon to see parts of the park that we missed. You certainly can't see everything in one day! Too much beauty to be seen. We are very blessed to live in such of a beautiful state.

From top to bottom:
-Our family in front of a beautiful roadside waterfall on the way up to Rocky Mountain National Park from the Grand Lake side.
-Cara, pointing to the roaring waters.
-Caitlin up at Berthoud Pass & the Continential Divide. Notice the elevation and presence of snow!
-Our family up at one of the highest points on Trail Ridge Road. The wind was blowing something fierce!
-Caitlin, being sworn in as an official Junior Park Ranger for Rocky Mountain National Park. The ranger made an announcement, people clapped for her, and she got her badge pinned on. Quite the ceremony.
-A snowfield up at the Alpine Visitor's Center. We are up at 11,700+ feet. As were were leaving, it was snowing, which quickly turned into hail and then rain.
-Ben & the girls in front of one the snowfields. Look how high the snow is--in June! Doesn't Ben look like such of a proud dad?
-Elevation at the "top of the trail" of Trail Ridge Road. At this point, we think that Cara was suffering from a pressure headache. BIG change in elevation from our place (a mile high) to here (more than TWO MILES high). We forgot that her shunt might protest to the change. Poor girl just slept it off.
-Beautiful Never Summer Mountains
-A very bold and beautiful rainbow as we were exiting the park. We went from wind, snow/rain and 46 degrees to partly sunny and 78!

P.S. If you click the individual pictures, they will open up to a larger size. :)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Chick Fil A, how we *heart* you!

Do you have a Chick Fil A near you? If so, maybe you'll understand my undying love for this fast food chain. We just recently discovered it thanks to a friend of ours who is also a fan. Let me attempt to list the reasons why this is our favorite low-cost destination (at least the two that we frequent).

1. The employees always seem glad to be there. They smile, are polite and friendly. I got called Ma'am the other day. I was talking to one of the girls who was off-shift and asked her if she genuinely liked her job and she said that she did, that her co-workers and the management are awesome. She's pregnant and they threw her a very nice baby shower.
2. They are closed on Sundays so that their employees can spend time with their families. What?! You mean, it's not all about the money?! Someone actually still cares about family values!
3. Someone brings your food out to you, comes around and asks if you need anything else. The last few times, a manager has come out with disposable place mats for the girls to eat on.
4. The food is good and inexpensive. We can feed our family for $20 and we like the options with the meals. In this day & age, getting the most for your buck is paramount.
5. They have some of the cleanest restrooms I've ever had the pleasure of being in.
6. The play area is clean and gets wiped down, throughout, twice a day and there are anti-bacterial wipes at the entrance.
7. Several times a month, Chick Fil A holds Family Fun Nights and other kid-geared activities. We've been to a Bingo Night and just recently, to a crown-making activity. In most cases, you can score a free or reduced cost meal for your child, just for showing up. We love to go and participate. It's good, cheap interaction for the girls. The other night, I fed the girls & I for...$9 including ice cream cones! Can't beat that. We plan to go back in a week or so for the "Prince & Princess Party". Part of the dining room will be set up like a castle. Should be fun for two girls who love to dress up and strut their stuff!

As long as we continue to have pleasant experiences, Chick Fil A will continue to get our patronage. To the managers and crew of our local joint, we love you guys!


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