Friday, September 30, 2005

Caitlin's Room

This is a work in progress as we transform Caitlin's nursery into a Big Girl room. Once this room is finished, it will show you the extent of my Martha Stewart abilities.

The wall hanging was made by Grandma for Caitlin before she was born. It has hung in every single one of her bedrooms. I'm hoping it will become a cherished keepsake.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Little Black Book

Yes, I owned a little black book with pages of carefully written entries.  My husband found it once, sitting on my nightstand and being a curious person, started to flip through its contents, hoping to find the names of my former “flames” or some juicy gossip.  He was a tad surprised and disappointed to see that the only names scribed in my little black book were those of books that I’ve read.
I used to read a lot before motherhood robbed me of almost every second of spare time.  I started that little black book innocently one day after getting half way through a novel before realizing that I could predict the ending, which meant that I had read the book before.  Not wanting to waste precious reading time re-reading books, I started writing down the title and author of every book that I read as I completed it.  
I found this little black book the other day while rummaging through a junk drawer.  A wave of nostalgia of days gone by overcame me.  I started flipping through the pages, remembering the story line of each one of the books listed.  I saw that several of the books I had read and enjoyed years ago are now motion pictures (Must Love Dogs & The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio to name a few).  I noticed that my taste in books hasn’t changed much, except for reading more “How to raise a daughter” manuals, but that the number of books I read has dropped at an alarming rate.  Instead of finishing a Luanne Rice novel in a week, it is taking me months.  The only reading that I do on a regular basis is scanning the latest issue of Parents & Parenting magazines.
Reading used to be something that brought me peace, transplanted me to a different place.  Goodness knows I could use a retreat every now & again with the chaos that we lovingly call motherhood & married life.
So, I’ve made a pledge to myself…I will once again begin to fill up the pages of my little black book.  I will read books that interest me.  Reading will bring back a variety to my life and enhance me with new information.  I have browsed around on and found several books ranging from fiction to true non-fiction and am determined to find them at my local library or inter-library loan them.  I am going to get my reading knack back!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Me Feel Pretty One Day

Since we, as moms, are always more concerned about the welfare of everyone but ourselves, it's no wonder that we let ourselves slip & fall into a comfortable routine. I am guilty of falling into this trap. However, I've come to the conclusion that every woman deserves to be made to feel pretty every once and awhile. Turns out that yesterday was my day. Way back in April, my parents graciously gave me gift certificates for a manicure & pedicure at Canyon Ridge Salon. After having to cancel one too many times (I'm a mom, it happens), I was finally able to go to my appointment yesterday morning. I've never had a pedicure before and boy, was I in for a treat. As I sat and read a trashy movie star magazine enjoying a pulsating massage, my feet were being soaked, rubbed and painted. My toes are now a harvest apple red color. Pretty! It's amazing how something so simple can make you feel feminine again. The best part, pedicures are recommended every 4-6 weeks! Woo hoo, now I have an excuse to come back and be pampered some more! Bring it on...I feel pretty again.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Progress Report-almost 26 months

If they work for schools and the President, they can work for updating you all on Caitlin--

In the past almost two months, we have really noticed a change in Caitlin. She is, without a doubt, a full-blown toddler. She has the cutest personality and seems to pick up new words and phrases almost daily as she is soaking up everything that we say and she hears. Here are some of her latest accomplishments:

  • Says "I Love You"--Oh, I've been waiting for this one! Yes, she's said something similar to this phrase for awhile but, there's no mistaking what she is saying now, it's as clear as day.
  • When she wakes up in the morning, she'll say, "Mommy, I'm ready to get up!" No more crying, unless her pleads go unanswered. She'll also say, "Good morning!" when we come into her room. It's so cute to be greeted.
  • Dresses & Undresses self--especially when it's bath time. I've never seen clothes come off so fast than when the tub is filled with Nemo bubbles.
  • Pedals her tricycle--Cait can go around the block and more (great gift Grandma & Grandpa).
  • Uses pronouns--"That's my baby", "Those are your pants".
  • Interested in "pretend" play--She loves to pretend with her Little People sets (she has a minivan, school bus and a farm) and her Cabbage Patch doll and stroller--she's a cute little mommy.
  • Identify primary colors--she loves to play a version of "I Spy" and bring me things of a certain color.
  • Count to 15, with assistance.
  • Wash her self in the bathtub (and does a good job too).
  • Operate a computer keyboard and mouse with marginal success.
  • Wash her hands--a favorite pastime.
  • Can see along with a lot of her favorite shows (Wiggles, Elmo, Shrek, Cinderella).
  • Mimics whatever Ben & I do or say--we have to be careful what we say. Last night, for example, I was examining her fish tank and said, "Eww, look at all that poop, disgusting!" Wouldn't you know, that's the next thing that Caitlin said!

We are having so much watching her grow & change. While having a two-year-old can be trying and challenging, it is also so much fun!

Would you be offended if...?

Here is the question Ben asked me last night at work, just as I was getting ready to leave...
"Honey, would you be offended if I odered a pizza for dinner?" Of course not! When's the last time someone was offended when pizza was offered for dinner?! Silly man, you didn't have to ask. So, I'm getting ready to leave work when one of the correctional officers comes in. I'm talking to him and tell him about the phone call. He takes Ben's side and says, "If you don't ask, she (being a wife) could be offended that she wasn't given a choice--better safe than sorry". My thought--are we really that hard to live with that my husband wants to avoid my "rage & fury"? I'm sorry, I'm not a hurricane, how bad can I be?!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Pastime...

These pictures may look odd, but they are of Caitie doing one of her latest & favorite pastimes--scooting on her back across our kitchen floor. Ben & I couldn't stop laughing when she did this the other night. Why do kids needs toys when they will spend hours doing this??

Monday, September 12, 2005

Library Get-Together

-This is a little dam that turns a rather calm little river into some mild rapids.

-I took the picture of Ben & Caitie from the other side of the river--using the telephoto lens.

Yesterday, we got up bright & early to make the 3 hour trek from Montrose to Buena Vista for a Colorado Correctional Libraries picnic. Due to work & vacation schedules, only a few library staff were able to come but, those that did had a wonderful time! We met up at McPhelemy Park in "downtown" Buena Vista for a potluck lunch and chit-chat. Then, when the numbers dwindled, Ben, Caitie & I along with three library ladies headed to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs for a luxurious soak. We soaked, we played and I got sunburned! All in all, a wonderful time! We couldn't have asked for better weather--crystal clear blue skies and temps in the lower 70's. I love fall!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Labor Entensive Weekend

What we did over Labor Day weekend-- Sorry to disappoint, but no fancy vacations here.

I had to work at the correctional center (yep, prisoners get 7 day/week library service) on Saturday and while I worked hard answering reference questions and putting up a bullentin board, Ben was busy on the homefront cleaning and organizing. When I came home, our house was spic 'n' span. Even the "Rubbermaid cabinet" was organized! True, it might not pass the Marth Stewart or Mission Organization test, but still, I was very impressed! :)

With our original plans to spend Sunday at the Pueblo Zoo nipped to the bud by raising ($3.29/gallon) gas prices, we ended up going to Grand Junction to hit the shops at Grand Mesa Center and Mesa Mall. I spent some time browsing around Target (I have a very extensive wish list now!) with Caitlin while Ben ventured to Radio Shack and Sears. Home decor isn't his cup of tea. I got a new charm for my charm bracelet (thanks, honey, for that impromptu gift card), new work pants as my work has still not gone into uniform and a Word Power book to prep for taking the GRE.

Caitlin & I spent most of Monday at my parents' house preparing for the Labor Day BBQ later that night after Grandpa got home from work (Ben came over right before dinner after having some alone time to work on his computer). I prepared a potato salad called Tex-Mex Red & Sweet Potato Salad that received high marks. If you want the recipe, just give me a holler. We ended up having juicy burgers on the grill along with fresh Olathe Sweet sweet corn, sun brewed iced tea with fresh mint topped off with peach pie and a key lime dessert that my aunt made. We had a really good time just shooting the breeze with the family.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dinner Last Night

Having found some yummy, yet healthy, recipes in a Weight Watchers cookbook, we decided to make one last night. I got home early due to a facility-wide shakedown (searching for contraband) at the prison. Ben & I really enjoyed being able to cook together-it's a rare thing.

Here is Sauteed Chicken w/ Plum-Peach Salsa--we also had Franciscan Sourdough bread with olive oil.


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