Monday, September 12, 2005

Library Get-Together

-This is a little dam that turns a rather calm little river into some mild rapids.

-I took the picture of Ben & Caitie from the other side of the river--using the telephoto lens.

Yesterday, we got up bright & early to make the 3 hour trek from Montrose to Buena Vista for a Colorado Correctional Libraries picnic. Due to work & vacation schedules, only a few library staff were able to come but, those that did had a wonderful time! We met up at McPhelemy Park in "downtown" Buena Vista for a potluck lunch and chit-chat. Then, when the numbers dwindled, Ben, Caitie & I along with three library ladies headed to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs for a luxurious soak. We soaked, we played and I got sunburned! All in all, a wonderful time! We couldn't have asked for better weather--crystal clear blue skies and temps in the lower 70's. I love fall!


Judy said...

Hi Laura! Just popping over from Lauren's site to say hello!

Mary said...

Laura - What a peaceful, beautiful spot to picnic. Sounds like you had a wonderful time - what with the "soak" after the picnic.

Love those pictures.


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