Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Labor Entensive Weekend

What we did over Labor Day weekend-- Sorry to disappoint, but no fancy vacations here.

I had to work at the correctional center (yep, prisoners get 7 day/week library service) on Saturday and while I worked hard answering reference questions and putting up a bullentin board, Ben was busy on the homefront cleaning and organizing. When I came home, our house was spic 'n' span. Even the "Rubbermaid cabinet" was organized! True, it might not pass the Marth Stewart or Mission Organization test, but still, I was very impressed! :)

With our original plans to spend Sunday at the Pueblo Zoo nipped to the bud by raising ($3.29/gallon) gas prices, we ended up going to Grand Junction to hit the shops at Grand Mesa Center and Mesa Mall. I spent some time browsing around Target (I have a very extensive wish list now!) with Caitlin while Ben ventured to Radio Shack and Sears. Home decor isn't his cup of tea. I got a new charm for my charm bracelet (thanks, honey, for that impromptu gift card), new work pants as my work has still not gone into uniform and a Word Power book to prep for taking the GRE.

Caitlin & I spent most of Monday at my parents' house preparing for the Labor Day BBQ later that night after Grandpa got home from work (Ben came over right before dinner after having some alone time to work on his computer). I prepared a potato salad called Tex-Mex Red & Sweet Potato Salad that received high marks. If you want the recipe, just give me a holler. We ended up having juicy burgers on the grill along with fresh Olathe Sweet sweet corn, sun brewed iced tea with fresh mint topped off with peach pie and a key lime dessert that my aunt made. We had a really good time just shooting the breeze with the family.

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