Friday, September 16, 2005

Would you be offended if...?

Here is the question Ben asked me last night at work, just as I was getting ready to leave...
"Honey, would you be offended if I odered a pizza for dinner?" Of course not! When's the last time someone was offended when pizza was offered for dinner?! Silly man, you didn't have to ask. So, I'm getting ready to leave work when one of the correctional officers comes in. I'm talking to him and tell him about the phone call. He takes Ben's side and says, "If you don't ask, she (being a wife) could be offended that she wasn't given a choice--better safe than sorry". My thought--are we really that hard to live with that my husband wants to avoid my "rage & fury"? I'm sorry, I'm not a hurricane, how bad can I be?!

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