Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Day 2005

Ooo, what's in my stocking?!

Our lovely Tannebaum

Opening My First Leap Pad

This looks like something with Disney Princesses on it! Right on Momma!

I'm so into unwrapping gifts this year--bring 'em on!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Caitlin is on board a train that circles a big Christmas tree in Union Station. She was so excited to get in, no fear! Posted by Picasa

All Aboard! Posted by Picasa

Stomping Bubbles Posted by Picasa

Hanging Around in the Tot Lot @ Science City Posted by Picasa

Union Station Posted by Picasa

The Graduate & the 3 of Us Posted by Picasa

Gates BBQ-yummy! Posted by Picasa

Our KC Experience

Here are the highlights of our trip to Kansas City--

Our flight left Montrose at 9-something in the morning last Thursday and we arrived in KC without a glitch around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Caitlin was very good on the flights (we had two-one from Montrose to Denver & from Denver to Kansas City). She only kicked my mom's seat a few times and had only one toddler meltdown. This was her first flight since she was an infant in a Baby Bjorn. Word of advice if you're traveling with an active toddler, bring the carseat! We found it worth it to lug it thru the airport.

So, we arrive in KC and check into our hotel and then headed over to my brother & his fiance's place about 1/2 mile away for some pizza. We basically vegged on Thursday though we did hit Costco and a grocery store to prepare for Mike's graduation reception.

Friday's highlight was Mike's graduation from UMKC. The actual graduation wasn't until 7 pm so we had some time to spare. We ate a wonderful lunch of some of KC's best BBQ at Gates. Eating there is a rite of passage for all tourists. We got two huge platters with all kinds of BBQ meat, my personal favorite being the ribs. The serve it with a loaf of white bread, interesting.
Mike's graduation was very nice and with her Crayola Color Wonder coloring book, Caitlin behaved quite well. I tried to take some pictures but the delay on the digital camera kept me from catching my brother has he walked across the stage. I'm hoping that someone else was able to get a better picture. I had tears in my eyes a few times thru the ceremony...after all, it's my "little" brother graduating from COLLEGE! I can remember him in overalls with chubby cheeks. Boy, I'm going to be a basket case with Caitlin graduates! Following the graduation, we held a reception for Mike. He was disappointed with the turn-out and we had a lot of leftover food, but I know that he had fun with those that did show.

Saturday found us at Crown Center and Union Station. Crown Center is home to Hallmark and a lot of neat stores. There's a Visitor's Center for Hallmark where you can supposedly take a tour, make greeting cards and lots of other things. I really liked the Crayola store and the harp player in the lobby. We walked, via enclosed walkway (called the Link) to Union Station. This station has been remolded to house an Amtrak station, shops, cafes, a planetarium, Science City, an IMAX theatre and a whole lot more. When we were there, they had a cool model train exhibit set up in the main lobby, a huge Christmas tree with a train around it that kids could ride in (see pictures) at the end of another wing, and acrobats doing all kinds of neat stuff. It was really a magical experience. We took in Science City and the IMAX and loved both. Caitlin had a blast in the Tot Lot climbing around and "hanging" out.

Sunday found us at a couple of malls finishing up some holiday shopping. I was desperate to make Caitlin a holiday bear this year, so we had to make a stop at Build-A-Bear. The line wasn't too long and the end result was one cute bear...just hope Caitlin loves him. In the evening, we were at KCI waiting to catch our flight to Denver. In true airline fashion, our plane was late coming into KCI and we were 25 minutes late getting into Denver. Even if the flight had been on-time, we only had about 45 minutes to traverse about 35 gates at almost impossible task. Well, by the time we actually landed, we really didn't stand a chance but still, we ran like mad to the commuter flight gate. Alas, we missed the flight and it was the last one into Montrose that night. With all other flights in the area booked or cancelled (weather), it looked like we were doomed to be stuck in Denver that night. After waiting over 3 hours in line with United Customer Service, we were given hotel vouchers (to a wonderful Red Lion Hotel) and a refund on our missed flight. The 6 of us then boarded a freezing cold shuttle to the hotel arriving around 1 am. We slept, got up, piled into a rental car and drove home since United couldn't get all of us home until after Christmas! We arrived a day late but safely. And that, my friends, is our KC to follow...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Airplane in the sky

In the words of a toddler: "I go on an airplane in the sky with Uncle Matt and Grandma, pretty soon!" Soon is tomorrow morning at sunrise. We will be traversing the skies to attend my brother, Mike's, graduation from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music. He is getting her Bachelors of Art in Tuba Performance. I'm not just gloating because he's my little brother, but Mike is really good...having just won 1st place in a regional college brass competition. You go man!We will post news of the adventure when we return.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

A little bit of cuteness & love for Puppy

Just in case their was any doubt of the cuteness or Caitlin's love of Puppy. ;)'s my secret place!

This is our daughter's latest hiding spot, though she would most likely call it a haven. Doesn't she look so comfy with Puppy & her book?

Goofy Fun, Take 2


More's Caitie in our laundry basket. Ben & I were being industrious, trying to get all of our laundry done but Caitlin wouldn't have it. We had to take a time out to take some cute pictures!

Goofy Fun, Take 1

We're still poundering what Caitlin thought was so funny a few nights ago. She started laughing, fell to the floor, stomped her feet and somehow, made her way into the kitchen...rolling and laughing all the way---ha ha ha!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I guess 7+ years of library experience, 18 months of which in my current position, doesn't mean squat when applying for a transfer (read lateral) position to another facility. I had my interview for the Library Technician II position in Canon City on Monday. Honestly, maybe I had a bit too much faith in myself and my abilities, because I thought that I was a shoo-in for this position. I mean, what more could they want? I come fully trained with a good knowledge of how a correctional library should run. I went to the interview confident that I was the best person for the job, I knew that I could do it. Turns out though that my experiences and knowledge in library operations doesn't hold up to someone with the almighty MLS degree. It seems that the superiors view this piece of insignificant paper as more powerful or useful than years of invested time in making libraries better places to be. I was runner-up to someone with next to no library experience but, most likely, a Masters in Library Science. I think that the powers-that-be think that by hiring MLS staff, they are getting more for their money because these individuals know all there is to know about libraries. That might be so, on paper, but they haven't a clue how to survive in a correctional setting. Good luck lady, you're going to need it...inmates can smell vulernability from miles away and they will eat your naive self alive. I can't wait until the day that I hear regret out of the mouths of my superiors...when they come knocking on my door to offer me the position because Ms. MLS has left for a better paying position. I'm sorry, I won't be answering. If you didn't think I could do it the first time around, how do you expect me to believe that you believe in my abilities as the runner-up? Don't belittle me and then come begging but--if you are determined to--there had better be a serious pay raise included in that offer.
Also, don't offer me a chance at getting a position at another library...I don't want your consolation prize. I will find a library that appreciates my experience and knowledge.. *raspberries on you*
Thanks for not having faith in your own library staff!


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