Monday, March 28, 2005

A wonderful Sunday!

After much anticipation, we finally were able to coordinate a time to meet my best(est) friend Krissy, her son and boyfriend (Brett & Robert respectively) outside of Denver for a nice visit. Krissy & Brett had accompanied Robert from Virginia to Colorado for his divorce/custody hearings outside of Denver which made them a heck of a lot closer to us than Michigan (5 hours rather than 25 hours). I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to see them (it had been over a year) no matter what Mother Nature threw our way. So, when Krissy called on Sunday, Ben & I were determined to meet up with the three of them. We just wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Finally, with all of the details ironed out, we agreed to meet in Dillion, CO (about 75 miles west of Denver along I-70). We packed up the Trail Blazer and set out upon our 3 hour journey. I am proud to say that despite my enthusiasm and anxiousness in arriving at our destination, I stayed within 5 miles of the posted speed limit.
When arrived just before 5 and were greeted with tons of hugs! I couldn't believe how much Brett (soon-to-be kindergarten) had grown and it was so good to see Krissy. I think we were both crying! Krissy brought Caitlin her first My Little Ponies (so weird because I had them when I was a little girl) and the two of them bonded almost instantly. Much to our surprise, Brett remembered us and clung to Ben like Velcro the entire night.
We ended up at a Ruby Tuesdays were we had wonderful conversation but lousy service--thankfully, the manager compensated us by taking $20 off of the bill (yes, I know how to grovel!). After taking lots of pictures (on Krissy's camera), we tearfully went our separate ways--them back to Denver and us back to Montrose. We arrived home around 1am, so glad that we had made the drive. Now, if only we could convince Krissy & Robert to move out here...I guess that's going to be my new mission!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Look, so happy LAST year! Posted by Hello

Is this really ALL MINE?! Posted by Hello

Ooo, look at all of this!  Posted by Hello

The Generous Easter Bunny Posted by Hello

Hoppy Easter!

We wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter! :) Caitlin woke us up this morning around 7:45am and went to investigate what the Easter bunny had left her. Turns out that he was very generous this year and knows what a sweet tooth our daughter has even at her young age.

Attempts at posing with the Easter bunny were foiled yesterday afternoon when Caitlin wanted nothing to do with our cottontailed friend, what a change from last year. I am going to post those pictures just to prove the point. I think, these days, that anything that requires our active toddler to sit still for any amount of time is doomed for failure.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Is it Spring?

I was commenting to myself on my drive into work the other day that Spring was in the air and surely on it's way. The evidence was all around me in warmer temperatures (upper 50's to mid 60's), the irrigation ditches were full for the planting season and the burning of fields and ditches was full blast. For those that aren't familiar, it produces a very recognizable smell.
I no sooner said this than I saw dark storm clouds rolling in. The "weird" weather started minutes upon arriving at my library's office. In one day we had snow, rain, sleet and very wet hail.

Coming home today, I saw two rainbows and got hit with the heaviest assualt of hail ever. I had to pull over since I couldn't see and the roadway was super icy. Thankfully, the hail was really small and was no threat to my car.

Spring here in western Colorado seems to be full of surprises! Weather here can change instantly and is very sporadic...raining in one place, completely dry in the next...only a half mile down the road. If you don't like the weather at your house, walk down the street, it's very likely to be different.

Colorado is also known for late Sping (even into summer) snowstorms that make mountain travel risky. I remember one such storm that occured on May 1st. I thought that April showers were supposed to bring May flowers but, I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo that year. As my parents and I were traversing the mountains moving me into an off-campus apartment, the San Juan mountains got a record amount of snowfall for that late in season. If I remember correctly, it was something like 4 feet in the mountains. Nevertheless, we arrived safely and the next day, the sky was blue and the roads mostly cleared by hard-working CDOT vehicles. If you've ever wondered why Coloradoans always carry boots, a shovel and snow chains/cables in their cars you know!

The weatherman on the Weather Channel promises that this should be the last "winter" storm that we have this year...anyone care to place a bet?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Future Girl Scout?

This was Caitlin yesterday...despite the date on the picture. The digital camera was having issues displaying the current date (we think we cleared that up). Caitlin can pass many hours playing happily in her tent. This was a wonderful gift that she received for Christmas from her Grandma & Grandpa. Somehow, they just knew that their granddaughter loves imaginary play!

Future Girl Scout? Posted by Hello

Almost a Big Girl!

I just have to share this "big girl" moment with you all...
Yesterday, as I was getting Caitlin ready for her bath, she gestured that she wanted to sit on the potty so I lifted her up (in her birthday suit) and she just sat & sat and "talked" & "talked" until all of the sudden, I heard a *tinkle, tinkle, tinkle*. Caitlin looked up at me with the biggest smile on her face. Where's the camera when you need it?! We're not quite ready to begin potty-training yet despite having received the tricks of the trade at her last doctor's appointment. Still, we are not going to discourage feats such as these.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunny Days & Elmo

E-L-M-O tell me what it means to you?! Yes, the furry red monster has invaded our household. Evidence is clearly displayed in the 6 DVDs that have found their home on top of our DVD player. Daily, Caitlin will point to the stack and ask for "Elmo". Ben & I have memorized just about every episode, right down to the Elmo theme song. We roll our eyes sometimes as we are sitting watching "Babies, Dogs & More" for the zillionth time but we figure, pay back time! Surely, we all made our parents watch countless episodes of Seseame Street, Smurfs, Mister Rogers or whatever was your show of choice. At least Elmo and his counterparts are educational, not to mention least to our 20 month old!

Welcome to our Blog Spot

We (Ben, Caitie & myself) would like to welcome you to our little spot on the world wide web. Blogging seems to be all the craze and we thought it was high time that we joined. No idea as of yet as to what this creation will morph into but, please check back regularily, it promises to be worthy of your time.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Caitlin & Her Ga-ma

Caitlin just loves her Grandma (Ga-ma) & loves when she comes to visit! Posted by Hello


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