Monday, March 28, 2005

A wonderful Sunday!

After much anticipation, we finally were able to coordinate a time to meet my best(est) friend Krissy, her son and boyfriend (Brett & Robert respectively) outside of Denver for a nice visit. Krissy & Brett had accompanied Robert from Virginia to Colorado for his divorce/custody hearings outside of Denver which made them a heck of a lot closer to us than Michigan (5 hours rather than 25 hours). I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to see them (it had been over a year) no matter what Mother Nature threw our way. So, when Krissy called on Sunday, Ben & I were determined to meet up with the three of them. We just wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Finally, with all of the details ironed out, we agreed to meet in Dillion, CO (about 75 miles west of Denver along I-70). We packed up the Trail Blazer and set out upon our 3 hour journey. I am proud to say that despite my enthusiasm and anxiousness in arriving at our destination, I stayed within 5 miles of the posted speed limit.
When arrived just before 5 and were greeted with tons of hugs! I couldn't believe how much Brett (soon-to-be kindergarten) had grown and it was so good to see Krissy. I think we were both crying! Krissy brought Caitlin her first My Little Ponies (so weird because I had them when I was a little girl) and the two of them bonded almost instantly. Much to our surprise, Brett remembered us and clung to Ben like Velcro the entire night.
We ended up at a Ruby Tuesdays were we had wonderful conversation but lousy service--thankfully, the manager compensated us by taking $20 off of the bill (yes, I know how to grovel!). After taking lots of pictures (on Krissy's camera), we tearfully went our separate ways--them back to Denver and us back to Montrose. We arrived home around 1am, so glad that we had made the drive. Now, if only we could convince Krissy & Robert to move out here...I guess that's going to be my new mission!

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