Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunny Days & Elmo

E-L-M-O tell me what it means to you?! Yes, the furry red monster has invaded our household. Evidence is clearly displayed in the 6 DVDs that have found their home on top of our DVD player. Daily, Caitlin will point to the stack and ask for "Elmo". Ben & I have memorized just about every episode, right down to the Elmo theme song. We roll our eyes sometimes as we are sitting watching "Babies, Dogs & More" for the zillionth time but we figure, pay back time! Surely, we all made our parents watch countless episodes of Seseame Street, Smurfs, Mister Rogers or whatever was your show of choice. At least Elmo and his counterparts are educational, not to mention least to our 20 month old!

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