Friday, September 16, 2005

Progress Report-almost 26 months

If they work for schools and the President, they can work for updating you all on Caitlin--

In the past almost two months, we have really noticed a change in Caitlin. She is, without a doubt, a full-blown toddler. She has the cutest personality and seems to pick up new words and phrases almost daily as she is soaking up everything that we say and she hears. Here are some of her latest accomplishments:

  • Says "I Love You"--Oh, I've been waiting for this one! Yes, she's said something similar to this phrase for awhile but, there's no mistaking what she is saying now, it's as clear as day.
  • When she wakes up in the morning, she'll say, "Mommy, I'm ready to get up!" No more crying, unless her pleads go unanswered. She'll also say, "Good morning!" when we come into her room. It's so cute to be greeted.
  • Dresses & Undresses self--especially when it's bath time. I've never seen clothes come off so fast than when the tub is filled with Nemo bubbles.
  • Pedals her tricycle--Cait can go around the block and more (great gift Grandma & Grandpa).
  • Uses pronouns--"That's my baby", "Those are your pants".
  • Interested in "pretend" play--She loves to pretend with her Little People sets (she has a minivan, school bus and a farm) and her Cabbage Patch doll and stroller--she's a cute little mommy.
  • Identify primary colors--she loves to play a version of "I Spy" and bring me things of a certain color.
  • Count to 15, with assistance.
  • Wash her self in the bathtub (and does a good job too).
  • Operate a computer keyboard and mouse with marginal success.
  • Wash her hands--a favorite pastime.
  • Can see along with a lot of her favorite shows (Wiggles, Elmo, Shrek, Cinderella).
  • Mimics whatever Ben & I do or say--we have to be careful what we say. Last night, for example, I was examining her fish tank and said, "Eww, look at all that poop, disgusting!" Wouldn't you know, that's the next thing that Caitlin said!

We are having so much watching her grow & change. While having a two-year-old can be trying and challenging, it is also so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Laura -

This is my third comment (I noticed the other two have not shown up). Good progress for Caitlin - her "I Love you" is precious. Also I like her comment that "I'm ready to get up, Mommy". What a big girl!



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