Friday, September 23, 2005

Little Black Book

Yes, I owned a little black book with pages of carefully written entries.  My husband found it once, sitting on my nightstand and being a curious person, started to flip through its contents, hoping to find the names of my former “flames” or some juicy gossip.  He was a tad surprised and disappointed to see that the only names scribed in my little black book were those of books that I’ve read.
I used to read a lot before motherhood robbed me of almost every second of spare time.  I started that little black book innocently one day after getting half way through a novel before realizing that I could predict the ending, which meant that I had read the book before.  Not wanting to waste precious reading time re-reading books, I started writing down the title and author of every book that I read as I completed it.  
I found this little black book the other day while rummaging through a junk drawer.  A wave of nostalgia of days gone by overcame me.  I started flipping through the pages, remembering the story line of each one of the books listed.  I saw that several of the books I had read and enjoyed years ago are now motion pictures (Must Love Dogs & The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio to name a few).  I noticed that my taste in books hasn’t changed much, except for reading more “How to raise a daughter” manuals, but that the number of books I read has dropped at an alarming rate.  Instead of finishing a Luanne Rice novel in a week, it is taking me months.  The only reading that I do on a regular basis is scanning the latest issue of Parents & Parenting magazines.
Reading used to be something that brought me peace, transplanted me to a different place.  Goodness knows I could use a retreat every now & again with the chaos that we lovingly call motherhood & married life.
So, I’ve made a pledge to myself…I will once again begin to fill up the pages of my little black book.  I will read books that interest me.  Reading will bring back a variety to my life and enhance me with new information.  I have browsed around on and found several books ranging from fiction to true non-fiction and am determined to find them at my local library or inter-library loan them.  I am going to get my reading knack back!

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