Sunday, July 20, 2008

Almost 15 seconds of fame, balloons and cake

Wednesday morning, Cara had two near back-to-back appointments at Children's Hospital. One for the eye clinic (got an Rx for some drops that work like a patch to strengthen her right eye) and one for OT. We had a bit of time to waste in-between appointments, we ventured up the the therapy floor in search of Cara's old PT therapist to show her that Cara was walking. Since it was Karen's hard work (once a week for months) that led to this accomplishment, I promised Karen that we would bring Cara by to show her when it happened. Karen ran to Cara and Cara gave her a big hug. It was such of a cute moment. Afterwards, we went to the cafeteria to snag a quick breakfast. After eating, we noticed a gathering of people in the atrium so we decided to check it out, see what all of the fuss was about. Turns out, a Native American dance demo was taking place. Cara & I sat and watched several dancers perform (I wish I had my camera because they had the most beautifully beaded and feathered costumes!) and then participated in a circle dance at the end. A photojournalist from the Denver Post approached me and took Cara's picture, saying that we might be in the next day's paper, but alas, we weren' coverage space. We had a blast though and it just helped to make Cara's day. Afterward, we headed up to her OT appointment where we worked on feeding techniques--basically getting Cara to learn to take smaller bites.

After the hospital, Cara & I went to pick up Caitlin's cake & the balloons that I ordered. Did I mention that Cara is cuckoo for balloons these days? Every time she sees one, she loudly announces it to everyone. So to say she was excited to see the bunch of balloons was an understatement. The look of excitement on her face was almost worth the cost of the balloons. We picked up Caitlin's cake from Target and this is the part that made my day--the cake was marked down from $21 to $8 because they had run out of butter cream frosting, which I had requested and had to use a whip frosting instead. It was very nice of them, but unnecessary because I could pretty much just buy a tub of frosting, stick a candle in it and present it to Caitlin in lieu of cake and she would be on cloud nine. Still, I love saving money, so I was a happy camper. You can see the girls' cakes here. I think both turned out real cute. Caitlin picked out her cake, and surprised me by not choosing something pink or with princesses or Barbies. I chose Sesame Street for Cara's cake because she loves to watch the show with me in the mornings and seems to have a love of Elmo. I found the Sesame Street gang image online and then King Soopers (Target doesn't have this ability) made it into an edible image.

Next year, I'm going the easy route and doing cupcakes or if we must have cake, I'm ordering an 1/8 of a sheet cake for both girls. Cake leftovers get old after a while!

I will a birthday celebration recap post in a little while.


Mary said...

First of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 5 year old Caitlin. At 5 years it seems there are so many new experiences waiting to happen in the year ahead as well as so much growing-up occurs.

The girls birthday celebrations were terrific and with grandma and grandpa too...your parents are such good grandparents, Laura. Those cakes looked so YUMMY...I have a weakness for good cake...the chocolate - ooooo! A zoo pass- great to have - fun ahead. New bike for Caitie - all good things.

Loved the pix and I really like your longer hair, Laura. It looks good on you - I only remember you with short hair.

Anonymous said...

What great cakes!

Happy 5th Birthday to Caitlan too!


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