Sunday, July 06, 2008

Big Bang!

We were pretty uncoordinated (yes, I know, a shocker for those that know me) in terms of our 4th of July plans this year. It has been a semi-tradition to go to Ouray, CO for the 4th because they have one of the coolest fireworks shows. The fireworks echo off of the canyon me, it's a one-of-a-kind experience. For several years, my side of the family has gathered in the city park with a picnic and waited until dusk for the display to start. We'd wander the streets of the touristy town, get some delicious ice cream and watch the water fight in the middle of main street. Good times were had.

This year however, gas & lodging prices (and out-of-control medical bills) forced us to stay local. We found out that Aurora's city fireworks were shot off just down the road from our house, so we packed up the car with a blanket and set out to find the perfect spot. We found a vacant field across from the local library branch and found a spot. Unfortunately, it wasn't grass that we sat on, but some of the local prickly-type weed. So we sat amongst this and dirt. Poor Cara was coughing a lot because we were sitting right in one of the weeds that she is allergic to, poor thing.

All that aside, we had fun watching the display. Aurora puts on a good show, with a fantastic big bang at the end. Because we were up on a little bit of a hill, we could also see several displays for neighboring suburbs, which was really neat. Watching the girls' expression to the colorful explosions was priceless. I wish I had thought to bring the video camera. This is the first year that Cara has really been into watching and exclaiming. She kept tapping me and Ben and saying, "Ooohh" or "Ahhh!". Next year, we hope to find some place a bit better to go and also take in a parade or other celebrations.

Here are a few pictures--

I just thought this looked cool. It's the street light, lights from the concert by the municipal center and the municipal center itself, using a funky mode on my camera.

Caitlin & Ben making '08 with their hands.

A few of the better shots that I got of the fireworks. The shutter reload speed on my Freecycle camera is so slow!


Mary said...

Laura I just love that you share your holiday celebrations with us who read your blog - your pictures really did help with the enjoyment of reading your "Blog" re the 4th.

I forgot to add to my last comment - I had clicked on your flicker pix and just loved the ones of Caitlin (who is getting more grown up than ever) and Cara - who looks so cute in her glasses now - she is also more grown up and such a pretty little girl. She gets cuter all the time.

Judy said...

Oh my goodness - you got your camera off of Freecycle? Dude, all we ever get are empty margarine tubs and broken washing machines! You rock!


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