Friday, July 11, 2008

It Works!

I may be behind the ball, but better late than never as the saying goes.

We finally instituted a Goal Chart here at our house. I have thought about doing one for Caitlin for some time, but I didn't want to be a "mean mom". Well, I finally decided that I wanted Caitlin to have good manners and some responsibilities so, I broke out the chart. I found it at the Dollar Tree for the bargain price of, you guessed it, $1.

I had no trouble thinking up the "goals" that Caitlin would have to meet--
*Listening (read: no arguing, whining or having to be told to do something more than once.
*Being kind (mostly to Cara as she can, at times, be a bit rough and mean)
*Brushing her teeth every day
*Picking up her toys when done playing
*Cleaning up after meals (taking her plate to the sink, wiping up any crumbs)
*Going to bed on time (a biggie because of the newly implemented earlier bedtimes)
*Making her bed in the morning

We decided that if she did 5 out of 7 goals all week, she would get a special prize (something under a dollar, that I would pick out).

I cannot believe that it's actually working. I am not the biggest advocate of bribing children in order to get them to behave but, well, I'm desperate. Plus, I don't even really have to remind Caitlin to do her chores...she just does them! I barely even have to warn her when her behavior is heading south before she realizes her error. She wants those goofy little stamps on her chart. She is craving the chocolate bar (which she thinks is the perfect reward)!

Excuse me, I need to wipe this shocked look off of my face.

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Judy said...

We use a chore chart during the summer just to keep the boys on track. Things are so crazy during the school year that we don't need a chart - it is a do-or-die situation by then!


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