Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Cara!


Today, you cross over the threshold between babyhood and all that is yet to come. In the past year, you have come so far. Thanks to wonderful doctors, a skilled neurosurgeon and attentive therapists, you are forging ahead, learning something new every day. In one short year, you have learned how to crawl, cruise the furniture, do the elephant walk, do baby signs and now, walking. You have blossomed from being an immobile baby to such of a colorful little girl. We just love your personality, even when you want to be stubborn and fiercely independent. You love to give hugs and kisses, watch Sesame Street on Mommy's lap and play pretend with your sister. You are a very good sleeper, love to go for car rides and have an obsession with balloons. Milk is a must-have before bed, as is your red chicken from Uncle Matt. You have just learned to say "Momma" and we love the sound of your voice. We cannot wait for you to join in conversations and state your opinion or protests. This has been an amazing year, baby girl, and we know that there are many good times to come. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives, you are a ray of sunshine.

The world awaits you little girl, go & explore. Mommy & Daddy will be right by side to share in your adventures!

We love you LuLu! Happy 2nd Birthday!


Mommy & Daddy


Judy said...

Beautiful post, Laura! Many more birthdays, Cara!

Mary said...

Judy took my words and thoughts but I think they can bear repeating - "Beautiful post...many more (wonderful) birthdays, Cara!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cara!!!!!! You are such a beautiful little girl.

Mamameo said...

Making me cry! So beautiful, dear Cara!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Cara!


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