Friday, September 26, 2008

Craving Some Culture?

Tomorrow is Museum Day 2008 sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine, didn't you know? If you click here, you can find a list of participating museums and even print off a free admission for yourself & a guest. It's only good for tomorrow, Saturday, but if you're looking to squeeze in a bit of culture or even some place free to take the family, this is your ticket.

I was surprised to see that a few of the "lesser known" museums (or not) were on the list for Colorado. If the weather is decent, I plan on packing up the girls and heading to the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Go out, breathe in some culture!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laura!!

Did you all make it out to your excursion today? How is Caitlin enjoying school?

Thanks so much for your comment. Actually, I am beginning to unravel a bit. The stress of keeping up with all of the mentioned activities is totally taking its toll. I will have to make some adjustments soon.

I think that you are a fantastic wife and mother from what I have read. I am blown away by the positive outlook that you maintain in the face of challenges, and I look at how God worked out your career situation so that you can spend time with your girls. I truly look up to you!

You are such an engaging blog writer..have you considered becoming a professional blogger?

Enjoy your evening!


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