Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hydrocephalus Walk-Denver 2008

We were priveledged to be able to participate in the Hydrocephalus Association's benefit walk in Highlands Ranch today. It was a beautiful day (in the low 70's) to get out and walk for a good cause. I would guess that there were over 100 people there and, all together, we raised $15,000 to benefit research for hydrocephalus! So, a big shout out to those that helped us raise the funds that we did. I told you, every little bit would help! On a side bar--it is sad though, that less than $2 million is provided yearly from the federal government for a condition that effects 2 out of every 1,000 people (especially children).

We met up with our good friends Vidya, Aaron & Solan at the site and then walked the 2.5 miles around a beautiful park and wetlands area with stunning views of the foothills. It was nice to get some exercise and catch up on the happenings in our lives. Ben was the "Daddy engine" and pulled about #120 worth of children for the duration of the walk. He was one pooped out pup when we finally made it back home.

After the walk, we chowed down on some wonderful hot dogs and fixings and let the kids play in the awesome playground and pond (where we, of course, had to feed the ducks hot dog buns) at Redstone Park. Vidya managed to collect quite a few names of families interested in starting a support group, so we are excited to get something going! All in all, it was a wonderful day!

Click here for some pictures of the day. I will have more once a CD comes from the walk's photographer who took several family pictures of us and lots of the events at the walk.


Judy said...

Give it time - this event will grow each year.

The first year we participated in the San Antonio Down Syndrome walk, there were MAYBE 400 people. Last year? Well over 8,000 in attendance. It CAN be done.

Glad you had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you had a great day!

And some much needed funds towards Hydro Research! Fantastic!

How very exciting about the response for the Hydro Support Group!

Lyla said...

I love the picture that you posted in your blog. I'm glad that the weather was nice. It sounds like a fun day.

Mary said...

How great that the goal was met! Loved the pix you had - very cute with Cara going to hug the "character". Support group interest by some others - good deal - and good for you that you take this interest. I wish much success for a growing organization.

Your day looked like a wonderful one.

Mary said...

I'm glad it was a success - and you are right every little bit helps. Loved the pictures of event and happy it was a nice day all around.


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