Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Evidence that people are still thinking

Jerry Seinfeld - "A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking."

With that in is what I'm currently fueling my thinking brain with--

The Freedom Writers' Diary
I saw the movie with Hilary Swank, and was intrigued by the story, so I'm now reading the book.

Friday Night Knitting Club
I heard a brief plug for this book on a web cast for New York's public library. It's also been listed as a book club favorite and a staff pick at our local branch library. So far, I'm liking it. I'm only a few pages into the book but am getting a glimpse at the lives of each of the characters. It should prove to be a "soul warming" read.

Finally, The Godmother This book is spunky, smart-alec British chick lit and since I just love me some Sophie Kinsella (The Shopaholic series), I'm laughing out loud with this one too. Although, I occasionally have to wrack my brain to figure out what a snoot or a bugaloo is, it's a light and hilarious read thus far.

Usually, I have a couple of serious reads and one laugh-my-bum-off light read but, it just so happened that more of my chick lit picks happened to become available from my hold list these last few weeks. What can I say, I can use an off-the-wall, another realm story to take me away from reality from time to time. Then, we I need something to pick me up out of my mommy-brain-mush days, I'll read something that gets me thinking. It's a good balance, in my opinion.

What are you all reading these days?


Judy said...

Um, let's see...

I'm STILL reading the 4th Harry Potter book...will it EVER end? And, I'm reading Ten Little Ladybugs and every I Spy book this week.

Literary tomes, you know.

Mary said...

I'm a little late in commenting on this - but - it seems to me that I saw a tv movie or something maybe on "Life" tv channel based on this "Fri. night knitting club" book you have listed on blog. I did not read the bk. but I did see the show.

I am now reading - not finished - a book titled "When Evil Came to Good Hart". This is a true story of a murder of a family who lived in Mich. and were murdered in the very small town of Good Hart, MI. where they were vacationing in a cottage (really a very nice home) there on the shores of Lake MI - northwestern side of lower MI. It is written by a woman reporter who was the same age as the youngest child and on the way with her family to another cottage on Lake MI that same summer. The murder was never solved.


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