Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why I <3 Apple

Apple, Apple, I adore you! Let me sing your praises!

My laptop went in for repair (due to a dead hard drive) via our local DHL driver on Monday afternoon. I received a prompt email from Apple that it arrived at their repair facility on Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon, my laptop had been repaired and was leaving the facility. How's that for speedy service? I anxiously waited for the door bell to ring all day yesterday hoping that by some miracle it would arrive in less than a day. No such luck, but this morning, at 10:30, my door bell indeed rang and there was my MacBook. I was so excited! You don't know how much you miss your laptop until you have to use an antiquated POS machine for a few days. I could barely contain myself from ripping the box to shreds to get my machine out. I opened the "proper" way and saw my beautiful, white 13" MacBook staring at me (computers stare, didn't you know?). I booted it up, heard the Apple chime and life was good. What came next, I never expected in my wildest dreams. I mean, I know they had to reinstall and operating system and all, but who would've thought that they would---

INSTALL LEOPARD (the latest and greatest OS) for FREE?> It *almost* makes up for losing my documents and a few pictures...almost. I cannot wait until Ben gets home. I am going to have to help him pick up his chin off of the floor when he hears the news.

So, ladies and gents, I'm back online, super fast, and with the latest and greatest. Next time Apple, you can throw in another gig of RAM and a 20" iMac!


Judy said...

I totally miss my Mac...lucky you!

Mary said...

Hey - great news for all Mac lovers. After reading your blog I made a quick call to my son-in-law and told him I need to get my things on my computer that I think are important on a backup disc. I'm happy to say - mission accomplished now.

I love my Mac but I do not have the leopard - I'm actually two steps down from that - so lucky you.



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