Friday, April 11, 2008

Neurosurgery Update

Cara had her *gasp* 9 month surgical follow-up with her neurosurgeon on Wednesday. While incredibly brief (he was running 20 minutes late and we had another appointment to make), we learned that her shunt appeared to be functioning well, and that in the past 6 months, her head circumference has only grown about a 1/4" of an inch. While she should be "growing into" her large head, a little bit of growth is normal because, well, children grow. He was also pleased to hear of Cara's progress in therapy and wants her to keep up the good work. As long as she remains stable, we do not have to see him again until October! I hope that we, again, get to report that all is well.

I, of course, had other questions to ask of her neurosurgeon but 1) there just wasn't time and 2) I really didn't think that he would have the answers since they were not medical questions. I am waiting to hear back from his staff assistant about a shunt alert card and about the existence of hydrocephalus support groups in my area.

In other news, thanks to Gabriel's Life, I have met two other moms who have children with hydrocephalus and we are hoping to get together soon. One even lives in the same city as we do. It will be interesting to see what else we have in common. I am really looking forward to creating a network of friendship and support, for both Cara & I.


Judy said...

Laura, while I am so glad to hear of Cara's great doctor's visit, I'm thrilled you are seeking and finding some local support. That will make a huge difference in finding answers to your questions and learning more about helping Cara! Good for you!

Mary said...

I was really happy to hear Cara is doing so well, and also about you continuing to work toward a local support group - good job, Laura.



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