Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Turning the BIG 3-0!

I had a bit of a milestone birthday last Friday, I turned three decades old! Most days, I do not feel or act my age, thanks to my daughters who give me the excuse to play dress up, swing on swings, stare at the clouds and make paint out of Jello. Of course, there are those days when I feel 100, where every part of my body aches at any movement and even 9 hours of sleep isn't enough to recharge.

Anyway, I digress...I had a great birthday, or should I say birthdays. We went to Montrose the week before my birthday and celebrated with my parents, younger brother and my aunt & uncle. My mom made a kick butt dinner and of course, homemade strawberry pie which has been my birthday dessert for years. Good times, good food, good company, can't beat that.

Fast forward to Friday, my actual birthday. By some strange twist of fate, Ben got pink eye and had to call in to his day job, so he was home with us all day. As long as he washed his hands and we took sanitizer when we went out, I figured he was fit to be around (note: none of us got pink eye from him) so we spent a rare Friday together as a family. Ben started off by taking me to the mall and to the Apple store. He sent me away while he got my gift, which still shocks me. I got the latest iPod, the iPod touch. I had been wanting one for awhile for when start walking and when we travel so that I can tune out the girls (just kidding). No really, my hope was to get an adapter so that I could play all of our favorite songs over my radio without having to fumble through CDs, which is dangerous while driving.
I'm still learning how to do all of the cool things that this allows me to do, but...short of sounding like a McDonald's commercial...

After the venture to the Apple store, we piled into the car and went to the Light Rail station to catch a train to LoDo. Ben had asked me where I'd like to go for my birthday dinner and I chose one of my favorite restaurants, BD's Mongolian BBQ. I just love that I can pile on tons of fresh veggies and watch it be grilled by cute guys doing mind-blogging tricks with those bigs chopsticks. Not much tops fresh stir-fry. We had an awesome meal to top off an awesomely fun day.

One thing that would've made it a tad bit better, some girlfriends to go out with...working on that though, working on it.

**edited to add--I'm a bad momma. Caitlin reminded me of the awesome gifts that she hand-selected for me for my birthday. This is one girl who knows her momma. She picked out a coconut body butter, green tea hand lotion and then two Almond Joy bars for her momma's birthday. Seriously, the husband could learn from her.**


Judy said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!!

Mary said...

Laura -

Love to read about your birthday celebrations over the years - I want to wish you a great year until your next birthday rolls around and (sheepishly) apologize for missing wishing you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on the day of...

Spending your birthday with your family sounds like a great way to celebrate, as far as I am concerned.

Happy Belated Birthday!


Kendra Lynn said...

happy belated birthday!
It sounds like it was a lovely one. I am glad.
hugs to you.



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