Monday, April 14, 2008

She's Come Undone!

Wanted: One 30 year old, functioning brain. Must be able to multi-task and remember important and mundane details without failure. Interested parties, inquire within.

Have you seen my brain, my common sense, or my memory? I think, if you were to do a CT scan of my head right now, you'd find a big, gaping void where my brain should be.

I seem to have lost my precious digital camera. Somewhere between our park outing last Sunday after church and the consignment shop last Thursday, my Kodak camera disappeared--complete with a "roll" of pictures from the park outing. So, no pun intended, I've lost more Kodak moments. I'd back-track and try to find it, but here's what has transpired in the days since I've last seen the camera---

*Loading of my car after park outing
*Trip to grocery store
*Trip to Children's Hospital, unloading of stroller from back of car
*Trip to local children's consignment shop with a car full of boxes and bags
*Car battery died while waiting for appointment time at consignment shop which lead to digging the "emergency kit" out of the back of the car to locate the jumper cables for the unsuccessful jumping attempt by a Good Samaritan.
*Boxes/bags unloaded from car and carried into consignment shop, in the snow.
*Rejects from consignment shop loaded back up into car
*Rejects dropped off at local Goodwill
*Trip to a children's museum accompanied with first conscious thought that camera is not in car
*Thorough search of car does not locate camera

See? It's hopeless. Unless the camera miraculously turns up somewhere, I'm out a way to capture my children's precious moments. Looks like we might actually help stimulate the economy when our economic stimulus check comes in May. Now, if I only knew what kind of camera to get. Any suggestions? Anyone?


Judy said...

First the computer, now the camera??? yikes! And you checked the diaper bag, right? I hope it turns up.

Mary said...

No suggestions on camera purchase because I think someone else would probably have a better idea on that than me - but - I do want you to know that I really do understand your pain of losing your camera - and the frustrating part involved - "where"? "Where!".

It happens to everyone - every once in a while.


Kendra Lynn said...

Ooooh...I hate that! I hope you find it soon!



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