Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Tumble, Rumble, Land With a Thump

Mother Nature decided to bestow upon us the gracious gift of a blizzard for the first day of Spring. Nothing like waking up to inches of snow and a blistering wind. Every bone in my body wanted to crawl back under the covers, but the life of a working mom (with limited "sick time") must go on. So, I bundle myself & Caitlin up and out the door we go, face-to-face with the elements. I should've called it quits, when arriving at my car, I found it iced shut. However, being that I'm stubborn and determined, I got the trunk to open which produced a new scraping tool--a vacuum cleaner attachment. So, I diligently start to scrap away at the inch of ice on my car. After about 20 minutes, I give up and take Caitlin (who's having a blast playing in the snow despite the below freezing wind) back upstairs. I went back down, determined to get into my car, and was successful at getting 3 out of 4 doors open and began to scrap off the windshield and windows, with a AAA approved snow brush this time. I then warm up the car and trek back up 1 1/2 flights of steps to retreive Caitlin. We head back down and I get her strapped in her carseat when I realize that I left the door to our apartment unlocked. So, back up I go, one more time. Everything's going peachy (mind you, I have a firm grip on the hand rail) until I got down to the last 8 or so steps. Suddenly, my trusty "combat boots" gave out and down I went...with a tumble, rumble and landing with a thump right on my tailbone! Ouch! Somehow, I managed to pick myself up, call my doctor and drive myself on icy roads, to the hospital. Once there, I went right up to labor & delivery where they strapped a fetal monitor to my belly for 4 hours to hear our Olympian's heartbeat and hear her (*brump*) kick all over the place, assuring everyone that she was fine. After enjoying a yummy taco salad, on the house, I was taken downstairs to the ER where I sat on my aching tailbone for 90 minutes! I was finally triaged and taken down a hallway and onto a stretcher where a very nice doctor consulted me. We decided, that since my pregnancy limits what they can do for me, to send me home with a low-dose Vicoden Rx and a rice heat wrap. Well, a day later and the Vicoden hasn't worked it supposed miracle, so I'm relying on Tylenol and the heat pad. And that, my friends is the story of my tumble, rumble landing with a thump!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your baby is okay. I hope that you start to feel better. My sister once landed on her tailbone when we were sledding and either (a) it is a really really painful experience or (b) my sister is a wuss. Probably both. Happy healing. Lyla

Anonymous said...

Your winter adventure was something else! Most of all, I was happy to hear the baby is o.k.

Hope you are feeling better soon - or should I say your''tailbone'' is better soon.



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