Friday, March 17, 2006

It's a...

After much waiting and anticipation…I had my anatomical ultrasound yesterday afternoon. We told the technician right off that we wanted to know the sex of the baby. I know that some people like to be surprised but, not me, I need the time to plan & prepare for the baby’s arrival. To me, it is a lot more fun to pick out pink or blue clothes than it is to get things in gender neutral colors like yellow and green. Plus, I think it increases the “realness” of the baby, when you can start calling it by a name rather than “the bump” or “it”. Anyway, I digress…after waiting patiently as the technician zoomed in to examine the spine, heart and all of those necessities, we were able to see (and in some cases, count) a sweet little head, finger & toes, and a cute round bottom. After much pleading, we were able to get the baby to uncross her legs and…(drum roll, please)…we saw, as clear as day, that we were going to be the parents of…A GIRL! I may not have gotten the sister that I so desperately wanted growing up, but now, I’ll have two daughters. What more could I ask for? Ben & I both had tears in our eyes. Ben because he has another little princess and me, because well, secretly, I wanted another girl, even though I honestly thought we were having a boy this time. We have been blessed twice with beautiful little girls. I think Caitlin understands that she’s going to be a big sister but, nothing beyond that at this point. I can just see, in the future, the two girls playing dolls, having tea parties and watching Disney movies together.
After the ultrasound, we jumped in the car to go to Colorado Springs to Children’s Orchard, a resale shop. This place rules for those of us that love to stretch the almighty dollar. Most of their baby clothes are either new or very gently used. I got a couple of outfits that had never been worn, still had original tags on them. Proof of my frugalness…just over a dozen outfits for $50! How can you beat that? I will need to go back soon to get more 0-3 months along with 3-6. I’m also psyched to be able to hit the sale racks at my favorite stores!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Laura Its been soo long, I feel so disconnected from the online world, life is crazy around here...i just got your e-mail, another baby????? Congrats!!! I'm sure Catie will LOVE being a big sister!...and i'm sure you will find two little ones oh so exciting, it's so fun to see the interaction between them. Congrats again!
Love to you all!

Lauren said...

Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations you guys! Wow, I'm so happy! :) I've anxiously awaited this post. Caitie will have a little sister to play princesses! I couldn't be happier for the three of you. I think that the ultrasound, where you see your baby moving around, really makes things seem so much more real.

Well, please keeps us posted. Congratulations again on "Little Princess Two".
Lauren :)


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