Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A shot in the daylight

On Monday, when Ben came home from work, he rushes upstairs to ask me where I was around 11:30 that morning. Thinking that I'd forgotten to do something or missed the UPS guy (I'm waiting for my Ebay purchase to arrive), I mumbled, "At the doctor's office, why?" The response I got was not was I was intending at all! He shoved a memo at me from the apartment manager. To sum it up, some idiot decided to shoot off his gun in our complex in BROAD DAYLIGHT! And, because most people were out working or running about town, the police have no leads. So much for our gated community being safe. It awakened me to the reality that we live in the big city now where this kind of thing is normal. But...why does it have to happen in my neighborhood? Personally, I think that the management needs to crack down on the fact that anyone can buzz anyone in. Not that I want to treat my neighbors as offenders, but maybe the Department of Corrections is on the right track when they make the inmates submit a list of visitors who are then put thru background checks before they are allowed on grounds. Oh, did I mention that they can (and are) be searched at any time. I don't know, maybe we need an intimidating correctional officer type sitting out at our gate, maybe he'll scare would-be weapon-dischargers from coming in? All that I know is, my eyes & ears are much more alert now.


Lauren said...

I'm so glad you guys are ok, that is really scary! Broad daylight or night, that is just crazy! Did some one just hear a shot, not knowing if it was aimed at person or a somebody was just shooting off their gun? Hopefully they will find the person.

It is different in big cities. I always felt a bit weird in San Francisco, I understand.

Thanks for the post. By the way, when do you get your ultra sound!?

Laura said...

Thanks for commenting Lauren. I'm not sure of the details surrounding the incident but, it was enough to scare me real good.

As for the ultrasound, it's next Thursday! I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl and start my shopping!


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