Friday, March 31, 2006

Ragged Days

Okay, I'm going to try dual blogging--both on here and my new MySpace account.

Here's the rundown of the past few days. Gone are the days of doing nothing on my precious days off. Now, I'm running ragged all over Metro Denver. Yesterday, out of the house by 11am, to the DMV, told that I have to go to emissions to have my vehicle 5 miles...wait 55 minutes for a 10 minute $25 to find out that my '01 Grand Am passed with flying colors (gee, you think, GM certified it like 2 months ago but alas)...return to DMV...see that line is very long...realize that toddler is not going to cooperate & we're running short on time for doctor's across town to doctor's $35 co-pay...get hilarious patches for the butt after home & collapse.

Today wasn't nearly so bad. Caitlin & I toured a day care center about 10 minutes from our house. She is currently going to a private home care provider who is violating state child safety seat laws right & left. I reported her to the licensing board, so I'm thinking it's best that we cut our loses. The new place, Three Bears Learning Center totally rocks! The staff are professionally trained and certified in First Aid, CPR and Universal Precautions. The rooms are so bright & cheery and they have a HUGE outdoor play area with a pool. The best part, they will help Caitlin finally become fully potty-trained. For only $25/week more than the current sitter, I think this is a deal that we can't possible pass up...we'll see what the hubby has to say. After the tour, Caitlin & I headed to Utah Park down the road from our apartment. This place is so pretty. Huge play area, tennis/basketball courts, pond w/ gazebo and open space. Cait had a ball running around and playing in the sand. I sat back & watched her, snapping pictures here and there which I will post later.

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Anonymous said...

Laura -

New large play area in park near where you live will really come in handy with Spring and warmer temps coming soon. My grandkids LOVE to go to the park when they come to visit me. We walk or they take their bikes (trykes when they were smaller) and they never get tired of going there...we've been taking a snack or small lunch & drink along so they can play longer-because they don't like leaving too soon.



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