Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New digs

I thought it was high time that I posted something about our new apartment. As most know, we relocated from Montrose to Aurora, CO at the beginning of February, leaving behind our spacious duplex for a 3rd floor loft-style apartment. To say the least, we compromised a lot of space to be in the big city, close to stores and work (at least for me). The complex itself is nice & clean but our apartment is older and has been poorly maintained. The move-in repair list could've wallpapered a small bathroom, let's leave it at that. I wasn't expecting the Ritz or anything but, is asking for a stove built before 1975 too much? Holding my ground, I asked for a new stove and, believe it or not, they granted my request! One point for me. There's still a lot of repairs to be done but, I keep reminding myself that it could be a lot worse. Once we finish making the place into a "home"...I'm hoping the little things won't bother me. It certainly isn't horrible, I can put up with it for a year. It's just that the place is so small! In order to get our essentials to fit in the kitchen, we had to do some creative purging and we have tons of boxes in the "storage areas" throughout the house. I'll have to take some pictures so that you can appreciate the effort. ;) The new baby & Caitlin will have to share the 2nd bedroom for now, each getting a half of the room and a small room at that. It's only saving grace is the walk-in closet. Our bedroom is a bit bigger and up 13 steps from the family room (you can look down from our bedroom into the living room). I thought the stairs were cool when we first looked at the place, but as I get further along in my pregnancy, I have a feeling that I'm going to loathe them! I do love the place for the amount of natural light we get from the dormer windows, it's nice.
Oh, here's the website for the property management group. If you do a search for "The Trails", it should be the first link on the list. We have "The Mustang".

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