Monday, May 16, 2005

Our weekend

Wow! I cannot believe how fast this weekend blew by--just as the spring winds blow. Here is a recap of what we did---

On Saturday, I had to work, like always while Ben had his "dadda-daughter" time with Caitlin. The two spent the day just bumming around the house and getting their recommended daily allowance of the Wiggles.

Sunday started us with a good effort to get our place in tip--top shape. I think we should be applauded for our efforts! That afternoon, having lined up babysitting (did I mention that it was free thanks to my brother & future sis-in-law?), Ben & I headed to the movie theatre (free again, thanks to a birthday gift certificate) to watch "Monster In Law" with J. Lo and Jane Fonda. The film was more comedy than romance and we whole-heartedly joined in the ripples and echoes of laughter. If you haven't seen it, it is worth your $6 (at least here it's only $6). After the show, we trekked to my parents' house to have dinner with the whole McLean clan. My brother, Mike and his fiance are home for the summer, so, it was a full house. My best friend Jen & her son also joined in the fun. The two kids had a blast playing in the backyard sandbox and Caitlin even gave Seth a new hair treatment--sand! It's supposed to do wonders to cleansing the scalp. The food was delicious like always and we all left with full bellies. It is so nice to be close enough to get together often.

Today, Jen, Seth, Caitlin & I decided that we needed to "get out of Dodge" so we loaded up the kids (and all of their gear) and headed up into the mountains. Jen is new to the area having relocated from the Great Lake State recently and has yet to see the sights. We decided to go to Telluride (yes, the famous ski resort where the movie stars have homes) in hopes of taking the kids for a scenic ride on the gondola. Well, we got up to Mountain Village and discovered that the gondola was closed (more like inaccessible as the parking lot was torn up down to dirt and boulders) so we drove around amongst the hollywood-budget shops and mansions. Eventually, we ended up back in downtown Telluride, parked the car and window shopped down the main drag. We found the cutest pair of baby Uggs at an attractive price of $155 (and that was at 25% off) and a Japanese silk dress in 2T (the price was in the 2's too, $200 that is). Caitlin also spotted a pair of ladybug leather dress shoes--she kept saying, "Bug Momma, bug!" Caitie also pointed us numerous dogs along the way as it seems to be quite the trend to bring your furry pets into town with you. We decided to wind down our window shopping by looking for a place to eat which catered to our youngsters and was budget conscious (you must understand that most restaurants' menus averaged out at around $16/plate). Finally, a friendly businessman pointed us in the direction of Smuggler's. We parked our strollers outside after being convinced that 1) no one would take them (duh, I knew that) and 2) no strollers were welcome inside and lugged our kids up the stairs. Jen & I ended up having Gyros--no, Metro-Detroiters, not as good as Leo's. Seth was safely strapped into a highchair but through some miscommunication, Caitlin remained "chairless" and was climbing all over me and the booth (word of advice, keep your kids strapped in for as long as you can). I was quite glad to leave the restaurant and head back to the car. 50 minutes later, we were back at home...tired but refreshed from the outing.

There you have it, that was our weekend. Now, we will all be getting back into our normal weekday routine.

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