Monday, April 13, 2009

Well-Child check ups

Both of the girls went in to see our faithful family practice doctor on Friday 4/10 for their well-child check-ups and immunizations. I'm proud to report that the girls are fine & dandy. Their doctor is very pleased with their health & growth. I asked, and received some advice on Cara's thumb-sucking and biting and about Caitlin's snoring. Cara received two shots and took them like a champ. She is now done for several years. Caitlin received one shot, cried slightly, and is, most likely (unless they change the current immunization recommendations), done until she is 11.

Here are their stats--
Caitlin (5 1/2)
Height: 3 ft 5 in (65th percentile)
Weight: 48lbs (50th percentile)

Cara (3 1/2)
Height: 36 in (70th percentile)
Weight: 29 lbs (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 20 in (95th percentile--while this seems bad, we are actually pleased because her head has pretty much stabilized!)

The girls do not need to return for a year, unless they come down with something.


Judy said...

Way to GROW, girls!!!!

Mary said...

Good checkups!


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