Monday, April 13, 2009

IEP Evaluation 4/10

Cara had her first, of what will be occurring annually (at minimum), IEP evaluation at our school district's Child Find office on Thursday. We met with her Developmental Pathways service coordinator, a school psychologist, physical therapist (PT) and speech & language pathologist (SLP) to evaluate where Cara was in all areas of her development and come up with a plan for services that she will need this fall, when she starts preschool. All of the therapists worked with Cara on various tasks and she did very well, and, at times, shocked me with what she was able to do! For the first time, she was able to make a very tall tower, for example. The therapists also asked me questions about skills, tasks and overall development. We are to meet again, in May, to go over their recommendations, formulate a plan and decide on services as well as preschool options available to us. Cara also has to undergo a hearing screening as part of the evaluation process. I have no doubt that she'll pass with flying colors.

I am very anxious to hear what the therapists recommend and how these recommendations would be carried out in a school setting as I have become so accustomed to the clinic or home settings over the past year.

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Mary said...

Thanks for the info on IEP Evaluation/plan for Cara. Therapists sound very thorough in their evaluations and desire to come up with plan for services Cara will need in the fall for pre-school. You'll find out more in May I see when recommendations are made and discuss options available.

I think preschool is always a jump from home for kids - but they seem to grow with it all...nice you are so involved in Cara's care too. Big steps in her life and mom's, huh?


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