Friday, April 17, 2009

"New Patient" Neurosurgery Visit

After our initial visit was canceled due to a bad spring blizzard, we were anticipating our rescheduled visit with Cara's new neurosurgeon today. The doctor that consulted with us and put in her shunt back in 2007 has pretty much retired from operating and has switched to another hospital. When we were up in neurosurgery last year to have Cara's shunt reset after a CT scan, we got to talking to our Physician's Assistant about finding another neurosurgeon to take over Cara's care. Knowing that we like to be able to ask questions and openly converse with our doctor, she recommended Dr. McNatt for Cara. I have to say that we immediately felt at ease with him--both Ben & I got a great vibe. He shook our hands and then Cara walked right up to him to shake his hand too! We had a great talk about Cara's progress as well as some concerns that we have. He pretty much reassured us that Cara is doing very well, all things considered. Her head circumference (51.3 cm) has stabilized and obviously, her shunt continues to do it's job. Unless something comes up in the meantime, we do not need to see him until a year from now! *knocks on wood* I have a feeling that this is the start of a great professional relationship.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you feel at ease with Cara's new Neuro, so important!

Great to hear all being again in 1 year!!!

Judy said...

YAY! That's some GREAT news!

Mary said...

What a wonderful feeling to have a very good professional relationship with Cara's new neurosurgeon. That means a lot!

Good news all around - i.e. check-up and all.


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