Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Spy...

Can you see what's missing? Caitlin's bottom two front teeth! After her dental appointment x-rays, we saw that her permanent teeth were coming in & that the primary teeth should be coming out soon. Barely two weeks later and both little pearly whites were wiggling. Caitlin went off to school on Friday with two very loose teeth that were stubbornly hanging on to their territory in her mouth. When I came to pick Caitlin up from school that day, she came running at me with a cute little pink treasure chest and a smile that looked slightly different than the one that she left with 3 hours earlier. So, I learned, that while in class, she had been wiggling one tooth with her tongue and then, was surprised to feel something on her tongue. The second tooth came out after a journey to the bathroom mirror to get something out of her teeth, only to realize that this "something" was the other tooth!

That night, after tucking the little pink treasure chest under her pillow, the tooth fairy proudly rewarded Caitlin with two gold dollars!

Caitlin was so proud of herself and to join the ranks of her classmates who have all previously lost their first teeth. It was a bittersweet moment for Ben & I however, because, no matter how much we try to deny it, Caitlin is growing up.


Anonymous said...

How exciting...nothing like a visit from the tooth fairy!

Judy said...

Aw, those first teeth are always my favorites! Way to grow, Caitlyn!

Mary said...

The tooth fairy is so kind - and is always so welcome. Caitlin is growing up!


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