Monday, October 06, 2008

A Big Day

Today, Cara has her MRI at Children's Hospital to check for any structural problems *read: tumors or other growths* in her brain. We are leaving shortly as we have to be there an hour ahead of schedule for sedation. I'm really hoping that they will give her an oral sedative and not through an IV and that they will let us hold her until she drifts off. It's much peaceful of a transition that way, I think.

Right after the MRI, we have an appointment with neurosurgery to reset her programmable shunt. Due to the magnetism of the MRI, it is suspected that her set will de-program itself and will need to be reset. Thankfully, this is so very simple. There's a device that they "attach" to her shunt from outside of her head and it will set the shunt back to the correct setting, no invasive surgery needed!

All in all, we expect to be out of hospital and on our way home around 4-4:30 this afternoon. Once again, I am asking...if you pray, please do so; cross fingers and toes if that's more your cup of tea. Whatever it is you do for good luck, please think of Cara while you do it. I will update everyone later. This should be a very smooth procedure and Cara is an old champ! :)


Mary said...

I hope - and - pray that all goes well today!

I await news from you about your day...

Judy said...

Big prayers for Ms. C...keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Cos-As usual you know we are there for you. BTW how is your mom? My folks are so sad she can't make it. Work is nuts as usual. Hope to catch ya on soon. Hugs


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