Monday, March 17, 2008

Another bullet dodged

We met with Cara's occupational therapist last week to discuss whether or not Cara would benefit from a soft-form hand brace to help her keep her palms flat, especially when she crawls. We were concerned because Cara tends to crawl using her fists or with her fingers partially curled up.
Her therapist decided that, hopefully, in time, Cara will open up her palms on her own as she gets more proficient in her crawling and used to bearing weight on her palms. She said, that if Cara didn't open her hand up for other activities (such as clapping, waving, etc) that it would be more of a concern but that since Cara does a lot of "open hand" activities, we could just take the "wait and see approach". We are going to give Cara another month of so to see if she starts crawling with her hands open. If not, we may readdress the need for braces.
Another adaptive device ruled unnecessary! Keep up the great work and progress Cara!


Judy said...

Go, Cara, GO!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear of "wait and see". Cara will prevail.



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