Tuesday, March 11, 2008

9th Grade Memories

A little trip down memory lane. I actually liked 9th grade, for the most part, so this should be fun...thanks for the idea Judy


Let see how much you remember--

Who was your best friend? Jen Ellswood

Who did you go out with? No steady boyfriends, much to my parents' relief, I'm sure.

Did you have a crush on anyone? Oh yes, I think his name was John. He looked like Zack from Saved By the Bell for those that remember.

Did you buy your lunch? On pizza days, yes. Otherwise it was those fake onion ring things, chocolate milk and honey buns. I also packed my lunch most days.

Did you skip? Heavens no, I would've been in deep trouble.

Did you get suspended/expelled? Goodness no. I like my freedom, I would've been confined to my bedroom if that had happened.

What was your favorite class? I've always liked history, so that's a safe bet. Of course, I loved Mr. Todd (Life Science) too, he was my absolute favorite teacher.

What was your mascot? The Stevenson Saints

Did you go to the dances? I don't think so. I have two left feet, so never felt very comfortable at dances.

If you could go back would you? Heck no, I can do without the constant peer pressure.

Where did you sit at lunch? We used to eat in the halls, in Mr. Todd's room or in the home ec room.

Who was your science teacher? Mr. Todd and Mr. Klein. Mr. Todd had a big nose and was always wearing disguises.

Who was your English teacher? I can't rightly remember if she was 9th grade or not, but I remember Ms. A and how "odd" we all thought she was. There was Mr. Maury too, but I think that was 7th or 8th grade.

Who was your history teacher? I couldn't tell you without looking in my yearbook.

Who was your math teacher? I can't remember the spelling of her name but I think she was nice. Otherwise, it was the really hard, mean, pain in he butt Mr. Middell!

Did you think you were cool? Moderately so.

Describe your outfits in ninth grade? Rolled up pants with the socks over them. leggings...trying to copy what was in Teen magazine.

Who was your favorite teacher? My science teacher, Mr. Todd.

What was your most memorable moment? Throwing a birthday party for my friend Natasha. We totally got her, filled her locker with stuff, etc.

What were your least favorite memories? Any test in math or having to run in P.E.

What was your best accomplishment? Yeah, probably just surviving.

What action do you regret the most? Umm, I'm sure it was something petty, but I just can't remember.

What did you spend the most time doing on weekends? Hanging out with Jen and Tasha, and babysitting.

Did you make any lifelong friendships? I was friends with Jen until a few years ago when she decided to take advantage of me. I realized I didn't need friends like that in my life.


Judy said...

Oh yeah, Teen magazine! I used to love that!

Anonymous said...

I'm too old to remember, ha-ha! But I too loved 9th grade and being a nostalgic sort of person, I still love the movie "Grease".



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