Monday, April 02, 2007

Wanted: New Hairstyle

My hair is beginning to drive me nuts. I mean, seriously, who wants to look like the Flying Nun on a daily basis. Granted, I am not talented when it comes to styling products. The most that I can manage is a blow drier and maybe some gel-like stuff. Anyway, after spending 15 minutes attempting to "style" my hair, this is what I got...

Why do I even bother, really? So, I'm in the market for a new look. Here are some styles that I'm thinking about, let me know which one you think would look best. I am willing to get some body in my hair via curls, etc. I'm getting kind of sick of my pin straight, limp hair.

1. Not quite that short, probably done over my ears.

2. Not too much of a stretch from what I have but I imagine I'll need some body in order for it too look like this.

3. This is pretty close to my "normal" style, but again, this chick has a lot more body to her hair. I would have mine come down over my ears.

4. Totally curly. Probably not as "poofy" on the top and longer on the sides.

5. None of these

What do you guys think?


Judy said...

Okay, I really like the first one. Seriously.

No curls. Fake curls are on the way out. No curls, okay? Perms for body are fine, but no curls. Okay?

Laura said...

Okay, I promise Judy, no big overwhelming curls. :)

Lauren said...

Hi Laura!!!

How are you!? I love this post,it's so much fun!

First, you have a beautiful smile and a face that can really carry a short cut well, simply put, You're a babe! :)
I'm with Judy on liking the first cut a lot, it's very pretty.

I just have two ideas to throw into the mix. I'm not sure if you would go for them, but here it is....

When hair gets to about your length, and you feel it is at a point where it kind of hangs in neither the short category, nor long, most women (including myself) give up and cut. It's the quickest way to a new look. What if though, you grew it out a little longer, just for a change? You're almost to a "Bob" look, which is really cute. You could stop there or go to the next step and have it shoulder length. Have you had a longer look in the past few years?

While growing your hair longer, or even at this length, a quick re-do is to use clips, bobby pins or barettes. I have bangs now also. Somedays I just sweep them to the side and pin them with a sparkly bobby pin. It's super quick and easy, even for a busy Mom of two! Have you seen all of the cute, fabric headbands out there this year? They're great because they are super strechy and don't give you headaches like the plastic ones!

My second suggestion is (and maybe you already do this) have you tried one of those texturizing mooses? I have some, I think one is by "Frizz-ezz's" (sp?) That is for curly hair that is frizzy, but I know there are a ton of mooses and sprays out there to give straight hair some extra texture and volume. I bet it would look great in your hair!

Ok, bottom line, you are gorgeous the way you are, but we are girls and playing with our hairstyles can be so much fun!!!

I am in super suspense! Please let us know when you decide what you are doing ASAP and post a picture!!! Can't wait!
Lauren :)

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm goin' with Lauren's suggestion of perhaps growing it out a bit...I think the first style is great but sometimes adding a bit of length can make all the difference.
You have a gorgeous face...whatever you do will be fine. :)


Judy said...

Ooh, growing it out would be nice, but it does take time and patience, and if my hair weren't already long, I don't know if I could do it again! LOL. I think whatever you do will be great, even if you just let it be. Let us know what you decide!


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