Thursday, April 05, 2007

The final results

Okay, before you all start freaking out...let me just say that this is NOT how my hair is going to look 90% of the time. It's just that I can't wash it right now. Here's what took place. I went to Rumours, my favorite salon here in town 'cause the stylists know there stuff, and talked with one of the girls. We must've spent 20 minutes talking about my options. Did I just want to give my hair some texture and a little bit more funkiness? How about learning techniques involving lots of styling products and time (which I don't have)? What about a body wave for some body and loose curls that I could blow straight? Doing this would allow me more styling options without too much fussiness. A body wave, I was told, would make it easier to achieve the "straight style" that I wanted 'cause I'd already have the body. On the days that I didn't feel like doing anything though, I wouldn't be stuck with a horrible cut. How could I lose? So, I sat down for my first perm in about oh, 13 years or so. Kinda scary but, I trusted Katy, my stylist. She promised that I wouldn't look like a french poodle!

So, here's the final result--not blown straight. Right now, it is a tad bit "wild" but it will calm down some once I can wash it and style it (Sunday night). Truth be told, I finally look like my girls, more like Cara than Caitlin, of course. Maybe now, I won't get the "Are they both really yours?" or "Are you the nanny?" comments. I know, I know, fake curls are supposedly are their way out but these are not curls, it's waves, honestly! This really isn't a good picture but I don't have any other way of taking a picture of myself at the moment. I promise to post more, after I can wash it! Have faith, it will look great!

This is what my hair would look like, blown straight (minus the tiara 'cause I don't have that kind of bling bling).

It's time to get bold and start caring about how I look again. I might even try a headband like Lauren suggested. Now, to get nominated for TLC's What Not to Wear...


Lauren said...

Laura, this is great! You ARE a babe! :)
I can completly imagine your new cut once you style it at home. I think already it's great because having the hair more off of your face really brightens you up! I love the cute, it looks adorable, from what I can see in that picture you posted. How much fun to be able to wear it wavy or straight. You are Cara are twins! :)
Congrats, you go girl!

Judy said...

Oh I LOVE it! And, the waves/curls look good! Not anything like that frizzy do below! You are going to have a lot of fun with your hair...I am so very envious!

Now, you'll have to have tons of fun thinking of all different kinds of looks and taking pictures of them! ENJOY!

Kendra Lynn said...

I love it, too!
Good good choice.


Anonymous said...

You're new hairstyle looks wonderful!


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