Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Good, the bad and the best!

The Good:
-I got a job with the Aurora Library. This means that, eventually, I'll be able to get these annoying, pesky creditors off of my back and I'll be getting out of the house!
-There will be "flexible income" again.
-We will be moving back to the city!
-I got hired despite a bad reference from a former boss (see below).
-Two of my dear friends gave me glowing references (thanks Jeanne & Jana).

The Bad:
-I was offered the Library Clerk position instead of the Library Assistant.
-The pay that I ended up being offered was about $4/hour less than was discussed at my interview.
-After paying day care, my take home will be a mere few hundred dollars.
-I found out that a former boss gave me a bad reference and had me panicked thinking I wouldn't get the job.
-I have to put my baby in day care and do not know of an upstanding one--time to do research. (Caitlin will return to the preschool she attended before)
-We will be 5 hours away from my parents, again.

The Best:
-The girls & I will be living with Ben again.
-We will be a family again, all under one roof.
-Ben & I have worked on our "differences" and what happened that fateful day in August & have mutually decided to save our marriage.
-I will be close to many of my wonderful friends on the Front Range.
-Did I mention that I will be getting out of the house?! Don't get me wrong, I love my girls but I think I'll be a much better mom if I'm not home with them 24/7, 365. Both will also benefit from the socialization that preschool/day care provides.

Well folks, that's the skinny. Now, even though I got the official offer...I still have to pass a background investigation, credit screen, drug test (shucks, no more poppy seed muffins) and have a physical. Other than the credit screen (for reasons mentioned in previous posts), I have no worries. What can I say except--WOO HOO! This good news came at the perfect time, the day before my 29th birthday!


Lauren said...

This is the most wonderful news, all of it! Congratulations on the job, your move and working things out with Ben. I am so happy for all of you. I'm proud of you too! You are truly amazing. :)
Oh yeah, and happy birthday too!!!!
Love ya lots and congrats!

Mary said...

What's the saying..."The best is yet to come".
I truly believe that. A good birthday this year, indeed! Exciting to even just anticipate it all -
good luck - good everything to you.

Happy B'Day!!!

Judy said...

AWESOME! I am so happy to hear about you and Ben and your job and well - EVERYTHING!!!!

Happy birthday - this will be tough to top next year, LOL!

Kendra Lynn said...

Happy Birthday! I"m so happy to hear about you and Ben working things out.
I've been praying for you.
Glad you got the job. :)
Keep in touch...and if you guys ever come back to Michigan to visit, make sure to look me up!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Laura!
It was so awesome to read about your new job offer. I hope that you had a marvelous birthday, and tha all is going well with your move.

Have a great week!


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