Friday, May 04, 2007

The time has come, almost.

Well, the day is almost here. All the boxes are just about packed, the moving truck rented. Soon, we will be back in the Denver Metro area. I, for one, am very excited! I get to have my husband back as well as a new job in the public library setting. Officially, we will change residences on Tuesday but it may take a few days to get everyone settled in. So, if I seem to disappear for a little bit, you'll know what's up and won't have the need to send a search party. Now, if you happen to know any fit guys who want to carry couches, mattresses and such up 1 1/2 flights of steps, send them my way!

I guess it's fitting to say goodbye to the good ole Western Slope one more time. This area has been good to me and will always be home. Hopefully, we can visit often. A plan is already brewing in my head for the 4th of July.

Eastward ho!


Judy said...

I have been thinking about you- things are moving FAST! Good luck with the physical moving part, and the rest will fall into place.


See you when you're back online!

Kendra Lynn said...

Good for you!
Good moving wishes...hope all is well.


Judy said...

Hey girl! Shoot me an email at sgriscom @ satx . com and I'll give you the html code for the books I've read and instructions on how to put it on your blog! :-)


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