Friday, November 18, 2005

Lifestyle Changes

As I sit here reading our blog, I've noticed that most of our posts have been about Caitlin or things that we've done as a family. I've neglected to update my dear friends & family on some monumental changes in my life. So, sit back, it's going to be a long story.

1. Okay, most of you know that I've been battling with hypoglycemia for about 10 years ever since almost passing out while hiking with my mom one day back in college. I have been trying to take care of it myself by eating more protein. The only problem is that I'm a major carb-aholic. I can't help it, I love my breads and pastas! Anyway, so...I was only having marginal success in controlling my blood sugar highs & lows. There would be days that I would be fine and days when I felt horrible and was grabbing protein at every turn. I was starting to get tired of the rollercoaster ride, not to mention weight gain so, I went to my general practioner.

He counsled me and then, determined, somehow, that I had depression (I told him that I wasn't sleeping well, big mistake) and he sent me to the hospital for a battery of tests--even though I told him I wasn't depressed and that low blood sugar can affect mood and make one sleepy. I know nothing though, I'm not a doctor, right? The tests, of course, don't find anything abnormal-thank goodness-but that doesn't help me. I try to tell my doctor that I think it's my hypoglycemia but he won't listen. "You don't have hypoglycemia", he says. I counter with, "Oh yes I do, I was formally diagnosed following a fast before I had my daughter!" He still didn't believe me, jerk! So, I walked out of his office $115 poorer and with no solution for my problem.

The big turn of events happened in late October. I was at work and started to feel like udder crud. I grabbed some sugar and then some protein but it didn't help. I ran across to the medical building (remember, I work in a correctional center) and had them poke me and get my blood glucose level. Sure enough, it was dangerously low--34! So, the nurse was feeding me sugar and telling me to go home. I did and slept all day. But first, I called Dr. "You don't have hypoglycemia" to set up another appointment. I planned to tell him off, armed with a signed copy of my blood glucose results and a bunch of stuff I found on WebMD about my condition. I was MAD! Make no mistake, the nurses in the office knew how upset I was. By the time I finally got to see the doctor, I was practically livid. I threw the paperwork at him and told my story. He said, "Well Laura, you obviously have something because this isn't normal". Gee, you think? He said that this stuff (endocrinology) was out of his hands so he referred me to a specialist an hour away.

I set up an appointment and was so hopeful, that finally, someone would believe me and help me deal with my condition. I sat through finger stabs every hour for 8 hours, a 24+ hour fast and two walks around downtown Grand Junction before I saw the doctor. He asked me a ton of questions--all with his eyes closed, don't ask--and finally diagnosed me with reactive hypoglycemia. Ta-da! Finally! I had something r-e-a-l! Take that Dr. "You don't have hypoglycemia"! Anyway, upon the diagnosis, I was given 2 Rx (neither of which I've filled-one was a mild anti-anxiety med and the other was a heart med my mom wouldn't let me take after consulting an internal med specialist) and told to schedule an appointment with their nutritionist.

I went home, called and booked an appointment with her for the following week. We met, she disected my diet and we came up with a high protein, low carb plan for me to follow. Not as strict as Atkins as I can eat 30-45 carbs a meal, but it's hard for me, someone who could easily eat a loaf of bread in one sitting. I'm struggling with it, but I'll get it all figured out. The best part, if I follow the diet and exercise (my biggest challenge), I'll see some pounds shed off! :)

Needless to say, I've dropped my general practioner. I need someone who will believe me. Now, I have the task of finding another who will take my horribly cheap insurance.

Okay, this is a long post, so I'm going to post it and then do another post for the other thing that's happened...

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Anonymous said...

I fully understand your problem - with doctor and with hypoglycemia. My mother had a mild case of hypogycemia and it was exactly as you described here - how infuriating though when drs. don't listen closely to their patients.

My daughter was on the Atkins diet and lost 30 lbs. and she loves meat so it was right up her alley so to say...she also felt more energy on it.

Good luck - keep us posted. Mary


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