Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lifestyle Changes Part 2

The second major change hasn't officially happened yet, but it seems that the planets and whatnot will be aligned in my favor this month, not to mention that I have several people praying, thinking good thoughts & crossing body parts for me.

As most know, I have been working at a minimum security correctional center library near here (can't name due to DOC regulations) for a little over a year. While I have loved my job there, more than I ever anticipated, I have not been able to grow in that position due to a domineering co-worker. So, to remedy the situation, I have applied for, and have been selected for an interview, a transfer position to another minimum security prison in Canon City, CO--about 3 hours east of Montrose. My interview has been set for Decemeber 5th and I am busy polishing up on my interviewing skills to make sure that I'm at the top of my game. It seems that I have much in my favor in getting this job--previous library experience, DOC experience and the fact that the Regional Librarian (my direct boss) seems to like me. In getting this job, I will be the sole person in charge of library services and programs for a population of approximately 500 male offenders. Right now, I am only working part-time in the general library and feel that I am not able to do all of the things that I yearn to do. With moving on, I will be able to spread my wings. Two of my dear friends have been training me in library necessities so that I will be ready to "hold my own" when the time comes.

So, if I get this position (I should know within a week of the interview), it will mean another move, in the dead of winter. Thankfully, I have the support and assistance of my family & friends to help with the move. I will greatly miss my family here and the Montrose area as Canon City isn't nearly so pretty and is even more in the desert. Not being able to drop in on my parents and having them available for babysitting emergencies will be so hard. Somehow though, I know we will make it work. I am really excited at the prospect of getting this job as are my many collegues within the Department of Corrections, most of which have become my dearest friends. Finally, I will be able to socialize with them without mountains standing in between them & me.

As of now, assuming that I get the position, we will be moving sometime in January. I have been scoping out housing in Pueblo West, a fast-growing town about 13 miles from Canon City, and there seems to be much for sale/rent for the same or less than what we are paying here. Gas prices are also lower, which will make my daily commute less of a strain on the checkbook.
I know that Ben is excited at the prospect of moving east as we will be that much closer to Colorado Springs (30 minutes) & Denver (2 hours) which offer endless shopping and culture activities.

So...pray, think good thoughts, cross body parts or whatever you "thing" is for me, okay? I will keep you all posted on any developments.

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