Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Fairy Tale Halloween

A whirly-twirly princess

About to blow out the candle--oh no!

As you can plainly see, Caitlin was Snow White (or Snow Mocha as Daddy calls her) for Halloween. Grandma lovingly made the costume. At first, we were afraid that Caitlin wouldn't wear the costume because she had been avoiding it like it had cooties for awhile. However, when we told her that she need to, "put on her princess dress so that we can get some candy", she got so excited and loved wearing the dress. She was all business as we went from door-to-door down our street--saying "Trick or Treat" and then reaching into the bowls and "taking her fair share" of the candy. She was polite though, always saying thank you. She even got to play with our next door neighbor's bunny. All in all, I think Caitlin scored about 50 pieces of candy which are being rationed and will hopefully last until Thanksgiving! We're just making her brush her teeth after every piece.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful costume - just like the one in the movie - (grandma is quite a good seamstress) and what a beautiful little girl wearing this costume.

Sounds like Caitlin had a very good Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I need more pitures. Always, waiting for new pictures. You like doing thins to me don't you. I can't just drive over and visit can I now? More pictures!!!!!!!!


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