Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Our Independence Day

In keeping with tradition, the extended McLean clan spent the day in the historic and tourist-y town of Ouray, CO. We arrived around 11:30 and went in search of lunch. We got seated right away (everyone else wanted to eat outside) at Buen Tempo, an upscale Mexican Restaurant. We sat, we ate and we watched the masses walking the streets of Ouray. You see, Ouray normally only has a year-round population of a couple thousand residents but the 4th of July weekend brings people from as far away as Manitoba! The small shops there stay open late hoping to cash in. Anyway, after having a satisfying lunch, we stood on a street corner to watch the annual Ouray Water Fight (not sure if that's the correct name). This is a tradition in Ouray in which the fire department breaks out its hoses, clears the street and lets you blast the heck out of your family & friends with its high pressured water. It was a lot of fun to watch! We got a little bit wet, but all in good fun. Afterward, we headed to the Ouray Hot Springs for a soak. We realized, being the neglectful parents that we are, that this was Caitlin's first trip to a public pool--and did we have the camera on hand, NO!! She had a blast in the bath-tub temperature water and even "went under" a few times. She's just a natural, a true fish. Now, we just have to get her signed up for swimming lessons.Upon finishing our relaxing soak, we unloaded our picnic supplies from my parents' Excursion (AKA the Beast) and staked our claim in the Ouray City Park. This is by far the best place to watch the fireworks. The park also has a lot of open green space as well as a play structure. Once you see the pictures below, you'll realize that's where Caitlin spent most of her time. She was totally fearless and climbed up a "big kid" ladder and went down a very big slide (with Momma & Dada supervising the whole time, nervously--I have no nails!)At dusk, we all huddled under blankets (temperature went from the upper 80's to the low 60's) to watch the fireworks. Caitlin hid behind her beloved stuffed dog for the whole show. I don't know, there's something magical about seeing fireworks in the mountains and hearing them echo off of the peaks. We admit to be a little confused by this year's show...its was almost like the did they entire sequence in reverse...no big BANG at the end.Anyway, here are some pictures from the park...more to follow for a disposable camera. Between pictures and short videos, we used up all of the memory on the digital camera! If only I could figure out how to post video clips...anyone know??

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