Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Now this is what I call a vacation?

To some, a vacation is going far, far away--to a tropical locale, perhaps. For me, simply having time to do nothing is enough. I have finally taken a much needed break from work and have fallen into the roll of nothingness. My house needs to be cleaned, errands ran but I'm more content to lounge around, watch Judging Amy & Law & Order reruns and make trips to the library. I've even been able to take naps! I miss the days of being able to decide what I want to do--anything from a long list of errands to soaking in the tub for hours on end. For once, it's nice not to have to balance a career, a toddler, a husband and a household. Oh yeah, got to take care of myself, at least marginially. No wonder my head was about to explode and I've been counting down the days to my vacation since April. Sometimes, as the mound of stress builds up between my should blades, I just want to run off up to a secluded location somewhere and sit, watching life go on around me. Life gets to be too much to handle sometimes and we need to hit the pause button. My thoughts are that it's high time that the United States get on track with the European Nations and allow (some mandate) its employed masses to "go on holiday" for 2 months a year in addition to bank holidays. Imagine how much more relaxed and pleasant people would be. The person taking your order behind the McDonald's counter might actually smile. I think our country would be a much more happy, satified place. Anyway, just a thought...
I plan to thoroughly enjoy what's left of my vacation because I will be back to the busy, busy rush of normal routine all too soon.

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