Sunday, July 03, 2005

Oh, The Things I Can Do!

I remember, when Caitlin was little, remarking at every little milestone that she accomplished. At almost 2 years old, here is what she's learned to do:
  • Say her name--Caitlin not just Caitie
  • Count to 10 (with some help)
  • Call people by their names
  • Climb up and slide down a "big kid" slide
  • Put on her own sandals
  • Say "please" without being asked
  • Announce to everyone about her bodily functions (she thinks it's great to announce such things at WalMart)
  • Jump up & down
  • Follow up to 4 step directions
  • Drink from an adult cup without spilling
  • Climb up on Momma & Dada's bed to cuddle
  • Dial up a family member on Momma's cell phone & hold a conversation

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