Monday, June 23, 2008

Elephant Walk

While I am hoping to get these events on video, I just had to share them before I forgot. Here is what's new for Cara as of late---

**She is walking up to 20 steps without assistance! She just stands herself up and waddles around the room. She still likes to have something to hold onto at her final destination, but this is great progress!

**She walked, holding onto my hand, from our car, up several steps, and to the door of the ice cream place without falling or stopping! That was about a 1/8 of a mile. Her endurance certainly is building.

**She is now doing the "elephant walk" or crawling with her hands and feet instead of knees. She thinks this is so funny to do and is usually laughing her heart out while moving across the floor.


Mary said...

Sooo good to hear of Cara's wonderful progress - she must feel so big to do all the things she can now do that she couldn't before. Walking is a "big" thing, huh?

Kisses to her - hugs to you.

Judy said...

YAY CARA! This is so good to read - thanks for posting an update on her!

Lyla said...

Yeehaw! That's exciting.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Work Cara! Such a big achievement!

Mamameo said...

I'll get you a Boozle!!! I'm sewing them!!! BTW Yes, we need to get together soon!


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