Monday, June 23, 2008

Lost & Found

Temporary panic set in a few days ago when I could not locate my cell phone. I even backtracked to both Walgreen and the local pizza joint where I last had conscious thought of having the phone on me. When the phone didn't turn up at either establishment, I tore the house apart looking for it--did it get in the wash, in the trash, in the toilet? How would I survive without being able to text message? Oh goodness me! Ben, Caitlin & I looked everywhere we could think of over the course of a few days with no luck. I finally gave in and called Verizon to hear about any special deals that they had on phones since this one was not insured (It didn't seem worth it at the time because it was a free phone, retailed for $30). The best deal that I could find on a compatible phone was $60, which in the wireless world is a good deal. I was so upset going to be throwing $60+tax down the tubes because of my carelessness! This is how Verizon and other cell phone providers make of scatter-brained, burnt out, but desperate moms like me. After 48 hours without a phone, I decided enough was enough, piled the girls into the car and went down to the Verizon store prepared to come home with yet another new phone (we had gotten a new one for adding Ben to my plan just a few months ago). As we were heading to the store, Caitlin pipes up from the backseat, "Mom, your phone is going off!" I told her that she must be hearing things because we had searched the car and my phone wasn't in there. She didn't hear the beeping noise again, so we dismissed it. When we got to the mall's parking structure, I decided, what the heck, let's look through the car one more time before we blow a hole in the wallet. I pulled my seat all the way forward and lo & behold, what do I find? My trusty cell phone, right there on the floorboard under my seat! Caitlin had heard my phone's low battery alert noise in the car! I was so thrilled that I took her out of her car seat and twirled her around the parking structure. People looked at me like I was nuts, but I didn't care! $60 is a lot of money to us, and now, we could spend it on something else. As a reward, Caitlin got to pick out a small bag of candy from the candy store. She was in hog heaven. I went to the Verizon store but only to reactivate my phone (I had it shut off in case someone found it and tried to call Mexico or something) and charge the battery. Final cost=$5.64 for the bag of candy. MUCH better than $60+tax! It pays to have a child with the hearing of a bat.

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Mary said...

Whooohooo! What an observant little girl Caitlin is!!! I can't tell you how many times my daughter's youngest, Grace, (now 7) has found things that my daughter or Grace's sister has lost - things we thought we gone for good - after everyone had looked and looked, and looked - including my car keys while the girls were staying with me at my house - (a place Grace suggested I look and I ignored because I thought Grace could not be right - she was)

Glad for you and Caitlin.


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