Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where, oh where is Cara?

Judy just shared a scary story about almost losing her son. This made me remember a fearful incident that happened with our family this past week. While not nearly as life-threatening as Judy's account, I'll share it nonetheless.

We had received a call, while our stimulating the economy by buying summer clothes, that Cara's glasses were ready to be picked up (the original pair mysteriously disappeared into the vault called our house), so we rushed over to get them. Poor Cara had been without glasses for about a month, so we were anxious to have her wear them again.

Anyway...we arrive at the vision center, Cara tries on the glasses, and then they are taken back for adjustments. While that is going on, the girls go off to play in a little play area that they have in the office. I asked Caitlin to keep an eye on Cara for me so that I could fill out the paperwork. I glanced over a few times and all was well, Cara was playing with toys and Caitlin was watching a movie. So, I carried on.

The glasses are done, put on Cara, and all I need to do is pay for them. Again, I check on the girls, same as before. Minutes later, everything was finished, I was handed a cute little bag with Cara's case and receipt, and was ready to go. Quick walk over to the play area located Caitlin, sitting peacefully watching Bee Movie, but, as I glanced around, Cara was nowhere to be found!

I ran around the office looking for her but she wasn't there. Caitlin & I then began to search the lobby area of the building, again, not finding her. Then, I hear someone call out to me. I look up and from the walkway on the 2nd floor, a very nice lady is holding Cara. Once she sees me, she starts crying, wanting Mommy. I run up the stairs to her, tears running down my cheeks, so thankful to have found her safe!

Turns out that Cara made a clean getaway from the office and crawled up a flight of stairs! She does crawl fast but, oh my gosh! Boy, did I ever feel like a bad mommy. I never thought I'd join the ranks of other parents who have left kids behind, lost them in malls, etc. I guess that I'm human after all. Crud, time to turn in the halo!


Judy said...

Yikes, Laura! How scary for you! I'm sure Cara was fine with it until she saw you, haha.

They are so very quick, aren't they?

Lyla said...

Holy smokes! I guess her mobility skills are really improving.

Once, my brother got scared in a haunted house at the grocery store. He ran out the front, but my dad was waiting for us at the end. So, when only my sister and I exited, my dad freaked out.

We looked all over for Nate. We finally found him in the costume section. He was crying and holding a pirate sword.

Mamameo said...

They get away, don't they? I guess it's a reminder of our role as parents: to let go...but hopefully, not at the mall or any other place for that matter...but you know what I mean.

Kendra Lynn said...

You are NOT a bad mommy! But that is crazy scary, isn't it? Glad Cara is safe and sound.



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