Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lil' Scrappy's Day

(that is what Ben calls Cara)

Cara had her ear tube and adenoid removal surgery today. We arrived at 8:45am to go to pre-op and go through the paperwork. We were informed that Dr. Werle was running ahead of schedule, so Cara would be going in about 15 minutes earlier than we expected. I got to go into the OR with her and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" as she was put to sleep for the surgery. It was nice to be able to see her off, even if I did look ridiculous in the "bunny suit" (white jumpsuit). She was down and out in less than a minute. The procedure (ear tubes, adenoid removal and ABR--hearing test) took about an hour, then Cara was brought to PICU to recover. I was allowed back within minutes of her arriving from the OR. She & I cuddled as she woke up from sedation and was then given morphine and Tylenol with codeine for her discomfort. She slept again for awhile, on an oxygen mist, waking and ready to go home around 1pm. A quick detour to pick up two prescriptions from Target along with popsicles and apple juice, and we were home. Cara ate some banana and drank a bit of apple juice before visiting the sandman again. As I write this, she and Ben are snoozing on our bed. A very cute picture.
Again, we stand amazed at how well she coped with another surgery. She's a tough one, our Cara. Aside from some discomfort, she should be back to normal tomorrow.

Results of the surgery/ABR:
-Cara's adenoids were HUGE and partially blocking her nasal passage, thus making it hard for her to breathe (hence the suspicion of asthma) and causing her to snort/snore.
-The ABR hearing test results concluded that Cara's hearing is spot on, no deficiencies at all! Woo hoo!
-No problems at all with the ear tube installation, just expect tenderness for a few days and we cannot allow her ears to get wet & soapy. Obviously, the ear tubes did their job is clearing up the hearing problem.


Judy said...

That is a most AWESOME report, Laura! Kudos to all of you for smooth sailing yesterday. And a big WHOO HOO on the hearing test! YAY!

Mary said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...I am so happy for all of you.

Anonymous said...

So happy all went smoothly for you. Glad to hear she is such a little trooper!

Lyla said...

I am so glad to hear that things went well! Last we spoke, things weren't even scheduled at and now she's done. Sorry I haven't been chatty much lately. I worked 12 hours today...and it's kind of been that way this past week.
You are an amazing mother and she sounds like an amazing little girl. Keep me posted.


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